China (How did we get to today?)

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China (How did we get to today?) by Mind Map: China (How did we get to today?)

1. 1 External Empire that wants to Profit from a "Lesser" Empire (1773)

1.1. The industrialized British began to seek new markets for their goods so requested more trading rights with the chinese but

1.1.1. Emperor Qing Long refuses

1.1.2. . This created conflict between the two powers because Britain was used to getting their way.

1.1.3. China is not Industrialized and open to getting overpowered.

2. Unhappiness and Change wanted from the People

2.1. Communist Party Grows

2.1.1. Mao Zedong (The communist leaders) leads over 100,000 people on teh Long March that solidifies the support for this new Party

3. 3 Major Rebellions

3.1. Middle Class Rebellion

3.1.1. Brief period of economic prosperity

3.1.2. development of a business class

3.2. Taiping Rebellion (1850-1864)

3.2.1. Caused by poor infrastructure, flooding, over population, and the tax evasion of higher class members

3.2.2. Resulted in 20-30 million people dead and increased power of the factional/regional leaders that led the revolts and won

3.3. Boxer Rebellion (1900)

3.3.1. Caused by Bitterness towards Westerner Cristain Missionaries

3.3.2. Foreign Powers came in and crushed the rebellion

3.3.3. Empress Ci Xi calls for a reform!

4. A Continuous Cycle of Weak Governments

4.1. Death of Empress Ci X i(1911)

4.2. 2- Year Old Emperor(1911)

4.2.1. multiple uprisings and social discontent

4.3. The Chinese Republic

4.3.1. Sun Yat-Sen names president elected on a platform of nationalism and democracy the job got hard so he quit/ stepped down Chaing Kaishek takes over as the president

5. 2 Devastating War

5.1. Opium War (1839)

5.1.1. The British send warships to China to protect "free trade"

5.1.2. British Win the war and Implement the Treaty of Nanjing

5.2. Sino-Japanese War (1894)

5.2.1. Japan Conquers Taiwan

5.2.2. China appears weak to their own poeple

5.2.3. Western Powers carve our spheres of influence

5.3. Nanjing Rape

5.3.1. Brutal to the people of China

6. 1 Unfair Treaty

6.1. The Nanjing Treaty

6.1.1. Britsh get Indemnity: do not have to follow local law or Jursdiction

6.1.2. Become the Most favored nation

6.1.3. Continue drugging the general population with Opium and get the entire country reliant on their product opium

7. 1 Major Civil War (1916-1949))

7.1. Constant betrayal and massacres of their opponents done by the KMT and the Communist Party

7.2. Have to make temporary allies to fight the Japanese in Manchuria

8. 1 Communist Revolution (1945)

8.1. Current Day governemhnt

8.2. used propaganda to control the population and continue buying the internal and international=aal strength of the government

9. Western Power's Cause Trouble