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CaseComp by Mind Map: CaseComp
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Motion Sensor

XBox 360 and PS3 (cell processor - 3 3.2G symmetric cores CPU, full HD 1080p support)


It is an era that creativity and innovation trumps performance.


game service

target cell phone platform as opposed to console/pc/portable, "According to NPD, the dedicated videogame market made an estimated $6.5 billion on software last year alone. With over a billion phones shipped in 2006, is it any surprise that analysts regularly predict that the mobile game market will eventually hit $10 billion a year in the near future?",

traditional phones support only sandboxed applications i.e. java games

emerging smart phones can support third party applications: niche market for cell phone games

first smart phone designed by IBM called Simon

1. IBM to provide a network service for cell phone games like for pc games and PSN for PS3 games

2. IBM also to provide middleware for multi cell phone os to use this service i.e. symbian, palm, rim <show flow diagram here>

future competition: nokia n-gage (came out oct 2003), but right now they are only using bluetooth between device-device, not client-server,


Slide 1: Title slide. Introduce team members.

Slide 2: Talk about the growth of the video game industry. How strong the market is comparing to other entertainment industries such like movie and music.

Slide 3: Continue showing that the video game industry is worth going into and giving data on number of games were sold and the profit from game sales.


game engine (backup idea)