Campaign Flow Chart

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Campaign Flow Chart by Mind Map: Campaign Flow Chart

1. Volunteer Organization

1.1. Build Database

1.1.1. Canvass

1.1.2. Phone Banks Training Scripts

1.1.3. Lawn signs

1.1.4. Donors

1.1.5. Clerical Thank you notes Letter Stuffing Fundraiser Prep

1.1.6. Letters to the Editor

1.1.7. Events

2. Communication Director

2.1. Campaign Theme/Message Development

2.1.1. Brochure Development Brochure Copy 325 words. No More! Occupational background Prior government experience Educational Background Community Service Proven Leadership Accomplishments Bullet Points Together We Can Do More Issues that require the community's attention Values We Can Respect 2-4 short quotes from community leaders Quote from the candidate A few words from the candidate if there is room Candidate's signature Professional Photos

2.1.2. Voter's Pamplet

2.1.3. Polling

2.1.4. Campaign Slogans

2.1.5. Logo

2.1.6. Layout

2.1.7. Campaign Slogan About voters/communities Positive message Ex "Building a Better Community."

3. Campaign Committee

3.1. Treasurer

3.1.1. Contributions/Expenditures

3.2. Campaign Committee Packet

3.2.1. GOTV

3.2.2. Event Coordinator

3.2.3. Letters to the Editer

3.2.4. Lawn Signs

3.2.5. Volunteer Coordinators

3.2.6. Field Signs

3.2.7. Campaign Committee Members

3.2.8. Speaking Engagements

3.2.9. Canvassing

3.2.10. Clerical Team

3.2.11. Phone Banks

3.2.12. Media

3.3. Campaign Manager

4. Digital and Social Media

4.1. Hashtags

4.1.1. VoteFrondorf

4.1.2. Frondorf4Cincy

4.1.3. Election2017

4.2. Twitter

4.2.1. Content Campaign trail Candidate ideology Personal Opponent focused Call to action Endorsements Community News

4.3. New node

4.3.1. #votefrondorf

4.4. Facebook

4.4.1. Sharing

4.4.2. Interaction


4.5. Building a digital foot print

4.5.1. Keep up the dialogue

4.5.2. Brand Carefully and Confidently

4.5.3. Develop your voice

4.5.4. Keep it catchy

4.5.5. Politics is going visual

4.5.6. Know to whom your talking

4.5.7. Turn social media support into votes

4.5.8. Balance resources well

4.5.9. Play to social media's strengths

5. Fundraising

5.1. Candidate calls

5.2. Direct Mailers

5.3. Remittance envelopes

5.4. Special Events

5.4.1. Define the purpose Attract donors Raise money Raise support Thank volunteers/supporters Get the word out

5.4.2. Plan the event Dinners Coffees Auctions/Yard Sales Dessert Bake-off/Chili Cook-off

5.4.3. Promote the event Invitations Flyers Radio/TV ads Press Releases Posters Newsletters Facebook Email

5.4.4. Conduct the event