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ViaVerio Speech - "Better, Faster, Cheaper" by Mind Map: ViaVerio Speech - 
"Better, Faster, Cheaper"
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ViaVerio Speech - "Better, Faster, Cheaper"


About Us / AMSB

Brandon and Matt host a podcast called Automate My Small Business, where they comb the globe in search of technologies and business practices that help get businesses to run themselves

Growth = Be Better, Faster, and/or Cheaper than competition

Abstract: You build Web 2.0 sites, but is your business model still version 1.0? Start leveraging new business techniques to make your business BETTER, FASTER, and CHEAPER than your competitors. Learn how to boost sales by marketing yourself BETTER. Build virtual teams by outsourcing repetitive work to deliver your projects FASTER, and use automation techniques to reduce time spent on each project so you can focus on growing the business.


Better Product

What does it mean to be a better designer, programmer, etc?

Define "Better", Customer's Goals, Sales?, Leads?, Branding?, SEO ranking?, Offer SEO services, Social

Measure, Analytics, Google Analytics, Each Page has a Purpose, Sales page's purpose is obvious, Example: Newsletter signup, Examples, Conversion Rates, Engagement, Length of stay, Return visits, Surveys, Split-Testing, Which Design/Copy/Logo is better?, Google Website Optimizer, Adwords, Provides evidence! Test vs the status quo

Better Marketing

Social, The new "Word of Mouth", Viral (why?), Easy to share, Facebook for Business, Connect one-to-one, Relationship based customers, Facebook Pages, "like" your customer's business page

SEO, Differentiate your services by using SEO for your own niche markets., Build content, Become the Expert in something, Has been about credible/relevant links, but is going to be about social credibility, "Your friend shared this" in google

Advertising, Advertise for extremely narrow keywords to target markets, Use demographics/location

Better Operations

Focus on core competencies

Outsource the rest, Promotes Specialization and Experts, Common Uses, Bookkeeping, Collections, Marketing, adwords, SEO, content creation, etc.


Leverage Timezones

24 hour operations


Outsource to add more people when you need to scale up temporarily

break down tasks so things can be done in parallel, Photoshop backgrounds out of Photos

Make your operations repeatable and replaceable, Repeatable steps should be outsourced, Jing

Customer Service

Response times

Project Management

Add enough time for multiple days of work.

Communication, One day costs two if you give bad instructions, Video Instructions, Jing, Camtasia, SnagIt

Tools, Basecamp, Nozbe


Asynchronous Communication, Don't wait to communicate

Faster Service Delivery

Get Out of the Way So You're not the bottleneck



What are you wasting, Time, Money, Inventory

Be Lean


Billing, Freshbooks


Offshore vs Outsource

Sources, oDesk, Elance,, Craigslist, Local Job Sites, LiveWork, Freelancer

Access to foreign markets

Offshore: Competition?


Amazon Mechanical Turk

Competing on Price?

Do you pass savings on to your customers? Or just pocket the savings

Unless its your business model to be the cheapest in town, never compete on price.

Value Proposition

What differentiates you from your competition?

Identify the Competition

Find The Competition, G.T.S., "Google That Shit"

Types, Yourself?, Windows XP vs Windows Vista, Direct Competitors, Indirect Competitors

Compare yourself with others,, "If I was the ideal customer, what makes me want to chose you over the competition?"