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Eco Web by Mind Map: Eco Web

1. Oil

1.1. Hair Brush

1.1.1. 1 Year If your hair brush gets all gross and you're done with it, you can use it as a back scratcher or you can make it a brush for a pet

1.2. Computer

1.2.1. 3 years Turn the brightness down on your computer to save electricity and bring your computer to a place like Best Buy so they can use the parts

1.3. Phone Charger

1.3.1. 2 years Unplug your phone charger from the wall when you aren't using it

1.4. Alarm Clock

1.4.1. 4 years Instead of slamming your alarm clock every morning to turn it off, just press the off button so it will last longer

1.5. Razor

1.5.1. 2 months Use a razor that you can change the head for you you don't need to throw the whole razor away when you're done with it

1.6. Headphones

1.6.1. 1 year Buy the more expensive headphones so the last longer

2. Water

2.1. Shampoo

2.1.1. 1 month Instead of buying a lot of small shampoo bottles buy big bottles from BJ's

2.2. Shower

2.2.1. 1 day Take shorter showers and use less hot water

2.3. Contacts

2.3.1. 2 weeks Wear glasses more often so you won't need to throw out your contacts so soon

2.4. Contact Solution

2.4.1. 2 months Instead of filling the contact case to the top only use the necessary amount

2.5. Eyeliner

2.5.1. 2 months Instead of putting a lot of eyeliner on everyday only use a little

3. Sand

3.1. Glasses

3.1.1. 1 year Donate your glasses to your eye doctor so they can reuse the frames

3.2. Ipod

3.2.1. 3 years Give your old one to the apple store so they can use the old parts

3.3. Mirror

3.3.1. 10 years When your mirror breaks or you need a new one, use the old one to make a mosaic art project

3.4. Television

3.4.1. 6 years Don't leave the TV on when you aren't watching it

4. Trees

4.1. Paper Towels

4.1.1. 4 months Use towels instead of paper towel to clean up messes and only use paper towel when necessary

4.2. Pencil

4.2.1. 1 week Use mechanical pencil to save trees

4.3. Books

4.3.1. 1 month Borrow books from a library instead of actually buying them to save paper

4.4. Notebook paper

4.4.1. 1 year Use both sides of the paper and use all the space on both sides

4.5. Binders

4.5.1. 1 year Don't buy new binders every year and only get them when you can't use your old ones anymore

5. Silver

5.1. Necklace

5.1.1. 1 year After I don't want to wear it anymore I can give it to a jeweler and they can make a new necklace

5.2. Silverware

5.2.1. 5 years Instead of using plastic silverware, use actual silverware to reduce waste

6. Cow or Pig

6.1. Shoes

6.1.1. 1 year Don't get a new pair every year and when you don't fit in them anymore pass them down to a younger sibling or give them away

6.2. Softball glove

6.2.1. 1 year Instead of getting a different glove every year use the same glove until you hand is too big for it and then give it to someone else

7. Cotton

7.1. Socks

7.1.1. 6 months If your socks get a hole in them, take all your socks with holes in them and make a toy for your dog to play with

7.2. T-Shirt

7.2.1. 4 months When you don't like your shirt anymore or it doesn't fit, use it as a rag or you can use the cloth to make something like a quilt

7.3. Pants

7.3.1. 4 months Use old jeans that you don't want to wear anymore and make then jean shorts