Essential Conditions for Effective ICT Implementation (S3 & W3)

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Essential Conditions for Effective ICT Implementation (S3 & W3) by Mind Map: Essential Conditions for Effective ICT Implementation (S3 & W3)

1. Providing Support for Learning

1.1. Consistent & Adequate Funding

1.2. Equitable Access

1.2.1. infrastructure to be put in place

1.3. Technical Support

1.4. Support Policies

1.5. Supportive External Context

2. Promoting a Culture of Learning

2.1. Ongoing Professional Learning

2.2. Skilled Personnel

2.2.1. training of teachers, ensure capacity meets needs

2.2.2. pedagogical knowledge in the integration of ICT

2.2.3. Baseline skills

2.2.4. mindset shift, gain buy-in

2.3. Curriculum Framework

2.3.1. Learning outcomes, eg to improve MTL oracy skills

2.3.2. learning and teaching framework

2.3.3. student outcome e.g. SDL, CoL

2.4. Student-Centred Learning

2.4.1. identify student needs

2.5. Assessment & Evaluation

2.6. Systemic Plan

2.6.1. aligned to learning and teaching goals & initiatives

2.6.2. time and space provided

3. Creating a Vision for Learning

3.1. budget, to support curriculum

3.2. Shared Vision

3.2.1. shared teaching and learning goals

3.2.2. gain buy in of stakeholders from teachers from stakeholders involve teachers in the planning grounds up approach

3.3. Shared Leadership

3.4. Engaged Communities

3.4.1. communication