English as a World Language

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English as a World Language by Mind Map: English as a World Language

1. Scheleyer

1.1. claimed

1.1.1. The vocabulary was based largely on English roots

2. English or creole

2.1. English

2.1.1. The most important language in the world the most studied and emulated language

2.1.2. problem deciding whether a person speaks English simply thinks he speaks it

2.1.3. enormous influence Syntax of other languages

3. As a widely resented as a symbol of colonialism

3.1. India

3.1.1. Spoken by no more than 5%

3.1.2. The Constitution written in English As a necessary expedient

4. Languages speakers

4.1. English

4.1.1. about 330 million

4.2. Spanish

4.2.1. 260 million

4.3. Portuguese

4.3.1. 150 million

4.4. French

4.4.1. over 100 million

5. English as a first language

5.1. authorities put the number

5.2. anywhere

5.3. between 300 million and 400 million.

6. Words

6.1. More or less universal words

6.1.1. The Economist telephone hotel passport airport soda bar OK weekend sport

6.2. Usually are taken as they are

6.3. Sometimes are adapted to local needs

6.4. Other nations

6.4.1. have left the words largely intact but given the spelling a novel twist

6.4.2. European take english participles and give them entirely new meanings

6.4.3. Japanese Estimated as high as 20,000 English words

6.4.4. French have been more resistant than most take their language very seriously

7. Learners

7.1. Of basic English

7.1.1. might be able to write simple messages

7.1.2. they would be able to read anything in English

8. Author:

8.1. Bill Bryson