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CV/AR by Mind Map: CV/AR
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Research centers



Projects, BazAR A vision based fast detection library, POM Occupancy map estimation for people detection, EPnP Efficient Perspective-n-Point Camera Pose Estimation, DAISY A Fast Local Descriptor for Dense Matching, Efficient Large Scale Multi-View Stereo for Ultra High Resolution Image Sets, Ferns Planar Object Detection Demo, Emvisi2 A background subtraction algorithm, robust to sudden light changes, SLIC Superpixels, LDAHash Dynamic and Scalable Large Scale Image Reconstruction, BRIEF Binary Independent Elementary Features, Monocular 3D deformable surface reconstruction

TU Graz

Projects, Studerstube framework, ARToolkitPlus

Cambridge MI | CV group

Oxford Active Vision Lab

Projects, PTAM



Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology

Projects, Windage

Personalies, Woonhyuk Baek, Woontack Woo

UCLA Vision Lab


There will be links to ready for use software




Image Processing, OpenCV, Intel IPP


The Toolkit have oonly one pipeline and god only for one problem

ARToolkit, NYARToolkit, FLARToolkit





The Framework has several building blocks which can be used for different problem solve.




Adobe Flash, IN2AR, FLARToolkit, flare

Mobile, Android, iOS

Kinect based


Face detection, recognition, reconstrucion

Face, Detection, PAM, FaceL, fdlib, visage, Fu Jie Traker, Pose Estimation, on OpenCV, ehci, FaceAPI, gase pose estimation


Closed Software

Total Imerssion




Total Imerssion

Technologies, Marker based tracking, NFT based tracking, 6DOF Face tracking

Products, D'fusion

Cases, ...


Technologies, Marker based tracking, NFT tracking, Object tracking

Products, Junaio platform, Unifeye

Cases, ...


Products, Layar platform


Technologies, Marker based tracking

Cases, XXL | AR Promo, Xaker | AR Promo, НегоциантЪ | AR demonstration, Poster one | AR web demo, AR installation, 11 cases for exhibition, 6 cases for science, 6 interactive cases

AR Door

works on, Total Imerssion platforms

cases, Tron| AR Promo, YESS | AR installation, Free-lance | AR installation, Espresso mania | AR Kiosk, Watch | Fittingroom demo, LG 3D TV | AR promo, Audi A1 | Mobile AR promo, ВАО Москва | Mobile AR navigation, | Mobile AR, eTarget |AR exhibition


Technologies, Marker based tracking, NFT based tracking, Face tracking, Motion tracking, Blob tracking

Products, CV/AR Framework

Cases, Metroshka, TMED | AR Presentation, Bolshoi Theatre | presentation, Renault | Koleos AR promo, Winston | AR Kiosk, AXE | AR promo, SoniEricson | AR promo, Pepsi |AR promo, LG | AR promo, Grape | AR promo, ViralDay | AR promo

Prototypes, CocaCola | AR proto, RitterSport | AR proto, Renault | Koleos AR proto, Augmented Rabbit, Car control, Helicopter

also works with, Junaio platform, Layar platform


Technologies, Marker based tracking (ARToolkit)

Cases, Сытоедов | AR Kiosk, La redoute | Fittingroom, Grant's | AR promo, РОСНАНО | AR Exhibition, QUO | AR Kiosk, Chevrolet | AR promo kiosk, Kalyga | AR Exhibition, Русский пионер | AR promo, JV | AR quest, Sobranie | Ar promo stend, F5 | AR pages

Prototype, Molekula iz atomov proto, Watch | Fittingroom demo


Technologies, Marker, face based tracking only web / FLARtoolkit

Cases, Sony Ericsson | AR promo, Sony Alpha | AR web promo, Vogue | Virtual Fittingroom, Sony Ericsson | Webcam game, Kent | AR web promo, Sochi2014 | AR game, Abbott | AR audience game, Megafon | Webcam game


There will be links to Documentation & experemental code Structure of this branch based on an mind map from the windage framework

Image Processing

Edge Detecting

Adaptive Thresholding


Feature Tracking, Lucas-Kanade Optical Flow, [1994] Good Features to Track.pdf, [2004] Lucas-Kanade 20 Years On- A Unifying Framework.pdf

Edge Tracking, RAPiD, [2000] RAPiD- Real-time tracking of multiple articulated structures in multiple views.pdf, [2006] Full-3D Edge Tracking with a Particle Filter.pdf

Template Matching based Tracking, Lucas Kanade Algorithm, Iverse Compositional, ESM

Marker Tracking, Template markers, ID markers, Frame markers, Fiducial markers

Blob Tracking

Motion Tracking, Integral background substraction

Object Recognition

Feature based, Feature Extractor, Corner based, Traditional, Maravec's, Harris corner, Multi-scale Harris, Shi and Tomasi, Trajkovic and Hedley, Feature from Accelerated Segmented Test, FAST Feature, [2006] FAST corner- Machine learning for high-speed corner detection.pdf, [2008] Faster and better- a machine learning approach.pdf, Region based, Harris series, Harris-Laplace, Difference of Gaussians, Laplace of Gaussians, Edge based region, Intensity based region, Maximaly stable extremal region, Salient Region, Point based (corner), Descriptor, Distribution based, BRIEF, BRIEF Binary Robust Independent Elementary Features, BRIEF 1.0, BRIEF_DEMO 0.5, SIFT, ASIFT, SIFT GPU, SURF, Gradient Location and Orientation Histograms, Shape Descriptor for MSER, MSER, [2006] Efficient Maximally Stable Extremal Region (MSER) Tracking.pdf, [2007] Shape Descriptors for Maximally Stable Extremal Regions.pdf, Filter based, Textons, Feature Matching, KDTree, Spilltree, FLANNtree, Find Correspondence Image, Vocabulary tree

Training based, Classification based, Ferns, [2005] Randomized Trees for Real-Time Keypoint Recognition, [2007] Fast Keypoint Recognition in Ten Lines of Code, [2009] PAMI - Fast Keypoint Recognition using Random Ferns, Oneway Descriptor, [2008] Online Learning of Patch Perspective Rectification for Efficient Object Detection, [2008] Simultaneous Recognition and Homography Extraction of Local patches with a Simple Linear Classifier, [2009] Real-Time Learning of Accurate Patch Rectification

Pose Estimation





Robust Estimator, M-estimator, RANSAC, ProSAC, LMedS

Nmerical Optimisation

Estimation & Correction, Kalman Filter, Particle Filter


Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping

SLAM, [2003] Real-Time Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping with a Single Camera.pdf, [2007] MonoSLAM- Real-Time Single Camera SLAM.pdf

PTAM, [2007] Parallel Tracking and Mapping for Small AR Workspaces.pdf, [2009] Object Recognition and Localization while Tracking and Mapping.pdf



Dense Matching, Wide Base Line Stereo Matching

Sparse Matching, Multi-view Reconstruction, Optimization

Rough Reconstruction, Visual Hull

Extreme Environment

Multiple objects

Mobile Devices, [2009] Robust feature matching in 2.3ms, [2008] Robust and Unobtrusive Marker Tracking on Mobile Phones, [2009] Multiple Target Detection and Tracking with Guaranteed Framerates on Mobile Phones, [2009] Parallel Tracking and Mapping on a Camera Phone

Illumination Change, [2007] Real-time Visual Tracking under Arbitrary Illumination Changes, [2008] 3D Pose Refinement from Reflections

Motion Blur

Unknown 3D Object

Deformable Object

Multiple Cameras, [2004] Fast Model Tracking with Multiple Cameras for Augmented Reality, [2006] Robust model-based tracking with multiple cameras for spatial applications

Large Viewpoint change


Face detection, recognition, reconstrucion

Face, Algorithms







USB, Logitech 910C, Logitech 905, Kinect

Video Grabbers