Knightmare Lands

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Knightmare Lands by Mind Map: Knightmare Lands

1. Controls

1.1. single active character

1.1.1. direct control with twin-stick scheme

1.1.2. can select which character is active at any time

1.2. other characters controlled by AI

1.2.1. movement mode when disabling "follow active" for other characters (while holding a button)

1.2.2. set AI mode for each character action modes "shoot closest enemy" "shoot strongest enemy" "shoot the same direction as active character" "heal most attacked character" etc... movement modes stand still follow active character

1.2.3. AI can't use skills

2. gameplay

2.1. mobs

2.1.1. mobs basic class mobs AIController Spawn mobs with AIController

2.1.2. mobs AI move to player just move by the closest path move as a swarm (as in crimsonland) handle CrowdManager Max Agents limit attack player Add "aggro" parameter to decide which player character to attack Fix skeletons sometimes stuck

2.1.3. Mobs with ranged attacks

2.1.4. Add new mob Unify attack animation stuff to the MobCharacter class

2.2. spawn mobs

2.2.1. randomly in a volume make SpawnVolume actor volume size spawn mobs in a random position spawn rate option limit overall mobs count spawn at surface don't spawn right nearby the player make SpawnVolume component

2.2.2. in specific places and timings

2.2.3. Spawn visual effects

2.2.4. Increase eemies level after some time

2.3. implement attacking

2.3.1. health system health component (?) player health bar UI for player mobs life bar

2.3.2. damage system applying a damage multiple damage types resistance to damage types choose hardcoded damage type

2.3.3. making an attack melee just do damage Attack with Visual effects add animation for mele attack for player projectiles basic ranged attacks ranged attacks with particles beam attack beam component particles for beam (setting source/target) AoE AoE AttackComponent Visual effects combined types

2.3.4. auto-attacks targeting attack closest enemy attack enemies in specific sector (some angle in face of character) For healer: select specific Hero as a target moving/rotating to target auto-moving to target rotating to target auto-attacking

2.4. Loss/Win conditions

2.4.1. end game when all heroes dead

2.4.2. "Game Over" screen

2.5. Skills

2.5.1. SkillsComponent Contain list of available skills handle launch skills

2.5.2. Skill actor cooldown timer cooldown itself with progress bar (getting % of cooldown left) usage conditions skill logic make visual effect/launch projectile on callback apply damage/healing unify with AttackComponent logic different types: projectile beam targeted effect

3. assets

3.1. graphics style

3.1.1. cartoonish

3.1.2. low-poly

3.2. characters models

3.3. mobs models

3.4. skills/attacks effects

4. UI

4.1. Main Menu screen

4.1.1. Basic menu

4.1.2. Start game from the menu

4.1.3. Hover effect for keyboard & gamepads focused for keyboard remove outline fix doublem hover + focus state

4.1.4. Pause menu Pause menu Hide menu by Esc

4.1.5. Implement Options Resolution selection window mode / full-screen quality

4.1.6. Implement About screen

4.2. Characters selection screen

4.2.1. Menu itself

4.2.2. Spawning selectd actors

4.2.3. Fix controls for the spawned actors

4.2.4. dynamic icons/healthbars depending on selected heroes

4.3. Game UI

4.3.1. Player stats health current weapon Current Level & Experience progress bar

4.3.2. Available skills

4.3.3. Highlight the active Hero

5. RPG

5.1. classes system

5.1.1. mage damage AoE crowd controls healing/support

5.1.2. melee damage dealer tank aggro skills some defense skills "earthquake"

5.2. progression system

5.2.1. GameCharacter has Level parameter

5.2.2. Level used to multiply everything by some math (health, damage, points, etc) damage health points

5.2.3. Level will be increased by gaining Points for killing other characters just increase by simple math implement proper progression (Fibonacci? )

5.2.4. Progress mobs level while spawning

5.2.5. ranger

5.3. v2.0

5.3.1. Multiplayer 2 players (up to 4?) each player protected from other's attacks (not from the mobs) to make other players vulnerable for one's attacks, the one need to reach own goal of killed mobs everything happens on the same field

5.3.2. RPG Revive skill Death system Each character stay in dead state After some time it's rotting into the skeletom Skeleton disappears after some time Necromancer class "Raise" skill "Set attraction point" for raised undead skills to control/affect/dismiss undead enemies Bow ranged auto-attacks

6. Levels

6.1. Make damagable environment

6.1.1. Damagable terrain (replace grass with burned ground or something like that)

6.1.2. Damagable trees

6.2. Generate random levels