Personal Strengths

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Personal Strengths by Mind Map: Personal Strengths

1. Reliable

1.1. Following directions, or doing what we have said.

2. Brave

2.1. Persisting regardless of how we may feel (EG: scared)

3. Kind

3.1. Being respectful to one another

4. Leadership

4.1. Model how to complete a task

5. Determined

5.1. Completing tasks to the best of our ability, although it may be challenging.

6. Trustworthy

6.1. Respecting discussions of those around us.

7. Self-control

7.1. Respecting others, and being mindful our out actions.

8. Generous

8.1. Helping and supporting others.

9. Hardworking

9.1. Persisting with a task, no matter the challenges faced.

10. Forgiving

10.1. Acknowledging that we all make mistakes.

11. Curious

11.1. Investigating one's understanding.

12. Professsional

12.1. Being respectful and acting with integrity.