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The Northern Renaissance by Mind Map: The Northern Renaissance
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The Northern Renaissance

The Northern Renaissance Begins

The population was recovering from the plague.

Italy was divided into city-states

Artistic Ideas Spread

German Painters

Albrecht Durer & Hans Holbein applied realistic ideas to art.

Flemish Painters

They emphasised on individualism and worldly pleasures.

Northern Writers Try to Reform Society

Christian Humanists

They wrote about a Utopian society

William Shakespeare

Regarded as the greatest playwriter of all time

The Elizabethan Age

Named after Queen Elizabeth I for her poetry

Printing Spreads Renaissance Ideas

Gutenberg Invents the Printing Press

He was able to print a complete Bible, which was the first full sized book

Printing Spreads Learning

A printer produced hundreds of copies which allowed people to afford books

The End of the Renaissance

Renaissance ideals continued to influence European ideals and stirred creativity