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1. What do you need to know in order to program

1.1. some people think that programming is hard but is really easy and you dont need to be an expert to do it, you just need to know a little bit of math and really wnat to learn

2. Reasons to study programming

2.1. because is a high job demand in the future

2.2. technology is the future, most of the jobs use it so is a great oportunity

3. Important people and their advices to programming

3.1. to have a lot of imagination

3.2. start with small things

3.3. always create things that will help people and can make their life easier

4. Latest trends in programming

4.1. twitter

4.2. facebook

4.3. chrome

4.4. instagram

5. How can you help society by using programming?

5.1. solving problems and creating easy solutions

5.2. improving communication

5.3. kids can have a better education using technology

6. High level and low level programming languages

6.1. high level

6.1.1. c#

6.1.2. java

6.1.3. fortran

6.2. low level

6.2.1. assembly language

6.2.2. hardware

6.2.3. machine language