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Apps by Mind Map: Apps

1. Educational

1.1. Superkids Online Fun


1.1.2. Superkids online fun is a great app that goes along with our reading program. It has many games that work along with each unit we teach in reading. It is an excellent resource for our students.

1.2. ABCYA

1.2.1. ABCYA is an excellent supplemental resource. I really like the reading and math games on there. They are grade specific and that makes it easy for students to know where to go.

1.3. ClassDojo

1.3.1. ClassDojo is an awesome app you can use on the computer or mobile device. It allows you to have communication with parents about coursework and behavior! It is an amazing resource.

2. Informational /organization


2.1.1. Google drive is an app I have used for years. This site and app is extremely helpful. It keeps me organized and helps in planning for school. All of my important information is kept on google drive.


2.2.1. I love scholastic book wizard. If I do not have the level of a book this is my go to app. You can scan the book and it will automatically take you to the book level. If the barcode scan does not work you can just search the book and get the level.


2.3.1. is an app I use everyday in the classroom. It also connects to my i watch. When the weather is bad or cold, it alerts me to know how to keep my students staff. Whether it be too cold, or too warm with I know when to keep my students inside.


2.4.1. Quik is new photo/video editor that I intend to use on our school projects. It is rated very high and I look forward to learning more about it.

3. Professional Learning Network


3.1.1. Twitter is an awesome place to get new ideas from other professionals in education. I really enjoy using twitter.


3.2.1. Facebook is a staple among new information. I found a really good webinar on there about number sense.


3.3.1. This website is an amazing resource when it comes to finding new information. You can type in any combination words and it will bring up whatever you need.

4. Fun apps


4.1.1. Aging booth is a super fun app for the 100th day of school. I take pictures of my students and print them. I then have my students write about what they will be doing at 100 years old. They think this project is so funny.


4.2.1. PBS Scratchjr app is a brand new app. I have been looking for one like this for sometime. This app allows students to create their own stories and movies. It is an awesome app. I have incorporated it into my classroom already and my daughter loves it too!