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Javaroo by Mind Map: Javaroo

1. Pre-launch

1.1. Kickstarter

1.2. Journals/Articles

1.3. Set-up all social media pages

1.3.1. Start posting product pictures and collaborative partners Countdown partnered with giveaways and prizes for sharing notices that our launch date is coming. This will hopefully provide some last minute traction in advance of your launch date

1.4. Landing Page to collect emails

1.4.1. Incentive for signing up

1.4.2. Ideally if were looking for 150 subscribers we would like 3-4x the amount of pre-subscribers (450) as it usually converts at a rate of 20-25%

1.4.3. The bottom line is to ideally collect our first paying subscribers

1.5. Emails

1.5.1. Send out update emails once or twice a week so that the prospect is more eager to sign up Provide offers from upcoming cafes Provide valuable content

1.5.2. Also send out emails which clarify all aspects of your product to the client Shipping dates box contents Special that they are receiving for presubscribing

2. Launch

3. Post-Launch

3.1. Referral Program

3.1.1. 3 referrals = 1 free box