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Physics by Mind Map: Physics
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Mains electricity

Battry = DC (direct current), Mains = AC (Alternating current)

Mains have live and neutral wire, Neutral wire earthed at 0 volts, Live wire +ve and -ve.

Sockets made of stiff solid materials, with electrical connections inside


Circuit breaker


Electric current


Distance vs Time graph

Velocity & Acceleration

Velocity = speed in a given direction

Circulating object has constant speed, Direction of motion changes - Velocity not constant

Two objects can have same speed but different velocities (Cars on Motorway)

Velocity time graph

Slowing Down

Velocity Time Graphs

Area under line of VT graph is distance traveled

VTG = Veloticy Time Graph



Equal and opperset

Resultant Force

Force and acceleration

Work energy & momentum.

when object moved my force, work is done on object by force,

Elastic potitential energy is energy stored in an elastic object when work is done to change its shape.

Momentum = Mass * Velocity

Static electricity

Proton +ve

Neutron is uncharges

Electrons -ve

Current is the rate of flow of the electrical charge.

Current electricity

ammeter connected in series, Volt meter connected in parallel.

Ohms law - Current though risistor is Directly proportional to PD accross the resistor.

Series circuits,


Nuclear reactions

Relative Charge

Isotopes Different number of neutrons.

Radioactive decay

Unstable nucleus --> more stable after emitting Alpha, Beta, Gamma.

Background radiation

Descovery of nucleus

Nuclear fission

Nucleus splits in to two new smaller nuclei, Releases nutrons, energy is released, Can produce chain reaction.

Nucclear Fussion

Occures when 2 nuclei fuse together to form a single larger nulecus, Energy released.