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GlobalHeal.Org by Mind Map: GlobalHeal.Org
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professionals(experienced people)

post their information

time, location, type of healing



find people that have been remotely healed

explain benefits of meditation

connect w/people in impoverished areas


help people in poverty to free up their time to visualize process of progress and peace


video with healers/healed

misha mazor, professional film editor. meditator

maya sarfati

hire others

free through blogs, youtube,facebook

send info about it to newspapers and online news sources


people pay for someone to share with - tell secrets tell dreams

it'd be a lot of fun to have someone researching my dreams

How it Works

Making it Happen

Hire Cheap Labor

can do you thoughtwork

can be form of charity - pay people to come up with ways to earn living, ways to grow/find food, ways to share, help people create cooperative groups

get multi-month contract and train them

subcontract full time employee

can be through MECHANICAL TURK, mechanical turk offers pay by the job (we set the price) it's typically for repetitive computer work like monitoring comments or doing work a program's not great at (not creative stuff), what we'd do is think of commands/questions modes of pointing/creation, offer a nickel to answer in 100 words "What would you like to do to make the world more peaceful", how can you take better care of the environment, how can you improve your diet, how can you improve your belief systems, how can you expand loving awareness, person can be paid to propagate information, paid to send people links to articles, interviews, other media, paid to promote real activity organizations,,, various positive retreat centers, the customer can invent tasks and GlobalHeal will have a forum for inventors to discuss, someone says "i paid $50 - giving 10 cents to 500 people to visualize themselves giving an hour towards charitable service, someone replies nice! we should have a way for them to contact us with the changes that occurred after the visualization, someone pays $10 - $1 per person to write him an e-mail telling them how wonderful the world is and how they intend to positively transform their lives, New node, what is paid for becomes "freeuse", tons of articles and stories get compiled thus building interest and demonstrating value


form of charity

person wants to work to earn to feed family and through GlobalHealing can not only feed family but spread peace


way to get value out of people

ways to facilitate other people getting value wiht other people

Making it Happen

find healers

David Sarfati

get feedback

hire people through mechanical turk and see results

make video with participants

Misha Mazor

New node

convincing customers

we want customers to realize that thoughts matter, one of the functions of GlobalHeal - to have people make affirmations, Peace Now Peace Now Peace Now Peace Now, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, Hail Mary Full of Grace, I believe that Jesus is my Savior..., here the Christian customer sees he's both feeding, unemployed people have less time to sit and meditate pray for peace - enjoy life as it is - because their needs are not yet secured, can pay the person to meditate on how to happily positively earn a living, instead of giving a dollar to a homeless person - give a dollar to someone, global thought quality matters, more people thinking peace = more peace!


$20 year, REX Paid

what user can do

feel it

hit it


yes!!! I do. hello!

do you see this?

yes, buy land, create a farm to employ people to work on as a place to harvest food and also as a headquarters for globalheal., definitely! we already own some land in Alturas, CA you can click the little arrow for the link, New node, that is awesome! great start! fyi - the excel document has code issues and isn't readable - I'm assuming that's where you outline some plans for the land??, hmm it's not letting me cut and paste yeah it has my general reasoniong behind organizing/cooperating with land. i think there are probably already written many fantastic books on the matter and websites as well i never sought them out though



affiliate with positive businesses

organic food, responsible land stewards, creators of wilderness retreats and teachers of sustainability, people spreading real knowledge empowering health (not selling drugs)

not too interested in promoting per say, but the website could have links that would give it 4% of sales and could recommend any of the everything that amazon sells that are good products