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LESSON 25-30 by Mind Map: LESSON 25-30

1. 25

1.1. I like sports.

1.2. Let´s watch a game in a restaurant downtown.

1.3. I live in Puebla, Puebla.

1.4. I like to party all night long.

1.5. Does she cut her hair?

2. 26

2.1. I played video games on the computer last night.

2.2. I didn´t play soccer again.

2.3. They didn´t like the school.

2.4. Did Carlos eat yesterday?

3. 27

3.1. I report to work every Sunday.

3.2. I got up early this morning.

3.3. I didn´t go to the movies.

3.4. Did you drink a beer?

3.5. Who did Marcos speak to?

4. 28

4.1. My uniform is blue.

4.2. I clean my boots every morning.

4.3. I want to buy a new sweater.

4.4. I have blue t-shirts.

4.5. I fell asleep in class.

4.6. I can speak english, but I can´t speak Chinese.

5. 29

5.1. I must wear my name tag every day.

5.2. The Major is very inteligent.

5.3. I wake up every day at ho-four hundred hours (0400).

5.4. I must keep my uniform clean all day long.

5.5. I must not use my cellphone in class.

5.6. How may I help you?

5.7. I can´t swim.

6. 30

6.1. What color is your backpack?

6.2. How much does the CD costs?

6.3. Your shoes are over there.

6.4. That is my bed.

6.5. Do you have a number 27 on these shoes?