Lesson´s 25,26,27,28,29,30.

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Lesson´s 25,26,27,28,29,30. by Mind Map: Lesson´s 25,26,27,28,29,30.

1. Do you like soccer? Yes i do.

2. Let´s go downtown and whatch the game after work.

3. where´s your home town? I´m from Mexico City.

4. My friend play all day long

5. past tense afirmative

5.1. past tense negative

6. using did+ not+ verb marco did not study for the test. contraction. marco didn´t study for the test.

6.1. questions whit did

7. Asking for and giving information about past actions Where did you go yesterday?

7.1. irregular verbs

8. Using irregular past tense. Use did+not to make negative statements. Marco did not eat a snake

8.1. Questions with did using irregular verbs. To make a questions, put did before the subject, and use the simple form of the verb. Did you buy a car? Yes, Marco bought a car.


9. Asking for and giving information about past actions

9.1. Did you study last night?

9.2. Where did you study?

10. can as ability

10.1. clothes

10.2. uniform

10.3. hat

10.4. gloves

10.5. boots

10.6. belt

11. Ask and answer questions about a person´s ability.

11.1. can you swim? Yes i can.

11.1.1. Using must Must i used to express something that is necessary. I have a test tomorrow. I must study.

11.1.2. Using must not Must not is used to express prohibition. You must not eat in the classroom.

11.1.3. Using may and can May and can used to express permission Children, you may have some fruit after dinner. May and can are used to request permission. May used in formal requests. Can is used in informal requests.

12. Ask and answer questions relating to the buying and selling of articles

12.1. how much does that book cost?

12.1.1. questions what questions with how much

12.2. Using demostrative pronouns

12.2.1. This and these usually refer to things near the espeker. this is my pensil. These are my friends.

12.2.2. That and those refer to things farter away from apeaker. That is my pencil. Those are my friends

12.3. Irregular past tense verbs