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LESSON 25-30 by Mind Map: LESSON 25-30

1. LESSON 30

1.1. how much does that book cost? It costs $18.95.

1.2. Question + noun + auxiliary verb + noun/pronoun + main verb?

1.3. Question Word + noun + auxiliary verb + noun/pronoun?

1.4. This and these usually refer to things near the speaker.

1.5. This is my pencil. These are my Friends.

1.6. That and those refer to things farther away from the speaker.

1.7. That is my pencil. Those are my Friends.

2. LESSON 29

2.1. Can you swim? Yes, I can.

2.2. Must is used to express something that is necessary. Must comes before the simple form of a main verb.

2.3. I have a test tomorrow. I must study.

2.4. Tom`s very sick. He must see a doctor.

2.5. Must not is used to express prohibition.

2.6. You must not eat in the classroom. Don`t eat in the classroom.

2.7. We must not open that door. Don`t open that door.

3. LESSON 28

3.1. Can you fly an airplane? Yes, I can.

3.2. Can is use to express ability. Can is used with the simple verb. The negative of can is can`t and cannot.

3.3. What time can you leave?

3.4. Who can play soccer?

3.5. When can Tim read?

3.6. Where can they study.

4. LESSON 26

4.1. We watched television last night. Only add -ed to a regular verb for the simple past tense.

4.2. Did John play football last Saturday? Yes, he played football last Saturday.

4.3. Use did + not to make negative statements. Do not use -ed on the end of the verb.

4.4. Paul did not study for the test. Paul didn`t study for the test.

4.5. To make a question, put did in front of the subject and trop the -d or - ed from the verb.

5. LESSON 25

5.1. Do you like to play soccer on the weekends? Yes, I do. I like to play tennis, too.

5.2. VERBS: clean (up), cook, end, like (to), live, play, start, visit.

6. LESSON 27

6.1. Where did you go yerterday? I went to the BX.

6.2. Some verbs don`t use the -ed past form. The irregular past tense verb is the same for all subjects.

6.3. Use did + not to make negative statements.

6.4. Saul did not eat a banana. Saul din`t eat a banana.

6.5. To make a question, put did before the subject, and use the simple form of the verb.

6.6. I bought a car. Did you buy a car?