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ingles 2 by Mind Map: ingles 2

1. lesson 25

1.1. vocabulary: do you like soccer?

1.1.1. Tom- This is a great game?

1.1.2. Bob- Yes, it is. Do you like soccer?

1.1.3. Tom- Yes I do. I have a new soccer ball too.

1.1.4. Bob- Where sport do you like?

1.2. Vocabulary: Where`s your home tonw?

1.2.1. Leonel- Hi. My name is Leonel.

1.2.2. Edgar- Hi Leonel. My name`s Edgar. Nice to meet you.

1.2.3. Leonel- I`m from puebla. Where`s your home tonw?

1.2.4. Edgar- I`m de Morelos Ciudad.

1.3. Asking and answering simple questions

1.3.1. Where were You yesterday?. I was sick at home.

1.3.2. What She play?. She plays soccer.

1.3.3. Where was He?. He was at work.

2. Lesson 27

2.1. Wh-Questions whit Did.

2.1.1. Who, What, When, Where. Who did you see last nigth?. When did we leave class?.

2.2. Vocabulary.

2.2.1. Verbs. Begin/ Began. Bring/Brought.

2.2.2. Other On time. Take a break. Whit.

2.2.3. Nouns. Break. Razor.

2.3. Irregular Verbs.

2.3.1. Present and past. begin/began. drik/drank. fly/flew have/had.

2.4. Past tense negative statements

2.4.1. Did+not= didn`t. Leonel didn`t do his homework.

3. Lesson 28

3.1. Clothes wear

3.1.1. This man is wearing an army uniform.

3.2. Can as ability

3.2.1. can you speake french?

3.2.2. Who can play soccer?

3.2.3. Where can They study?

4. Lesson 29

4.1. Military Ranks.

4.1.1. Air Force Ranks. General/Gen. Coronel/Col. Liutenant Coronel/Lt. Col. Major/Maj. Captain/Capt. First Liutenant/1st. Lt. Second Liutenant/2d. Lt.

4.1.2. Navy Ranks. Admiral/ADM. Captain/Capt. Commander/Cdr. Liutenant Commander/LCDR. Liutenat/Lt. Liutenant Junior Grade/LTJG. Ensing/ENS.

4.1.3. Time Civilian 3:36pm 9:52pm Military 1536 2152

5. Lesson 30

5.1. Questions whit, how much.

5.1.1. How much does the pen cost?.

5.1.2. How much do the books cost?

5.2. This, That, These, Those+ noun.

5.2.1. This is my car.

5.2.2. These are my friends

5.2.3. That is mi pencil.

5.2.4. Those are my Cd`s.

6. Lesson 26

6.1. Grammar

6.1.1. Past tense affirmative statements We watched television last night.

6.1.2. Past tense negative statements John didn`t study His lesson yesterday.

6.1.3. Questions whit did. Carol- Did John play football last Saturday? Bart- Yes, He played football last Saturday.