Reading Strategies

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Reading Strategies by Mind Map: Reading Strategies

1. before reading

1.1. look for books within genres I enjoy

1.1.1. it helps to be interested in a book so you don't get a few chapters in and discard it

1.2. read the synopsis

1.2.1. gives you an idea of the story without giving everything away

1.3. scan a few pages to see if I like the writing style

1.3.1. personally I've noticed myself putting books that caught my eye back after doing this because I simply didn't like the way it was written

2. while reading

2.1. make connections

2.1.1. this helps the story become more personal and helps you understand characters and events

2.2. ask questions

2.2.1. think about how characters are feeling etc.

2.3. anticipate what could happen next

2.3.1. there are many different ways a story could go, why not challenge yourself

2.4. re-read parts you need clarification on

2.4.1. this helps me understand the story as a whole better

2.5. visualize

2.5.1. I like to picture whats happening in my mind as well as picture what characters look like. I feel it helps me with understanding everything I'm reading and sometimes even find myself lost in the book

3. after reading

3.1. discuss the book with someone else who's read it

3.1.1. they may have a different perspective on what happened in the book and this can help you be open to thinking differently

3.2. continue to make real life connections connections

3.2.1. this helps you have a better understanding

3.3. reflect upon the book

3.3.1. wether you liked it or not it could give you insight on what book to choose next

3.4. look further

3.4.1. were there any lessons to take away from the book