Copiar de Copiar de INGLÉS II

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Copiar de Copiar de INGLÉS II by Mind Map: Copiar de Copiar de INGLÉS II

1. Aporta and Games.

1.1. Talking about freezer time

1.1.1. Function. Hi. Are you a new student un this clases? Yes, I am.

1.1.2. Writing. Asking and answering simple questions. Are you in the army? Is Tom your brother?

1.2. Vocabulary

1.2.1. Do hoy like soccer? example. Gómez: This is a crear gane. Carlos: Yes, it is. Do you like soccer?

1.2.2. Let's watch the game. A city is a big town.

1.2.3. Where's your home town? Where's your home town?

1.2.4. I clean all day long! My friend swin all day long?

1.2.5. Review My son doesn't study un July.

2. We studied English today.

2.1. Grammar.

2.1.1. Past tense negative statements. Joan did not play soccer yesterday. Frank didn't clean his car this week.

2.1.2. Questions with did. Distrito Bill walk home? Did Félix play the baseball?

2.1.3. Past tense affirmative statements. Tom walked to class yesterday.

2.2. Vocabulary.

2.2.1. He didn't study again. This morning we were aerly yesterday again.

3. Did you take a break?

3.1. Function.

3.1.1. Asking for and giving information about past actions. Did you study last night? Where did you study?

3.2. Grammar.

3.2.1. Irregular verbs. Mark and John sean yesterday. Mark and John swim every day.

3.2.2. Past tense negative statements. They didn't buy that book. Mr. Campos didn't speak to Mary.

3.2.3. Questions with did using irregular verbs. Did you bring a pencil? Did he write to your sister, too?

3.2.4. Where questions with did. who what when where did you go last summer?

3.3. Vocabulary.

3.3.1. Report to class. Verbs: break, bring, reports, begin, on time. example: Please bring your wife to the party.

4. What is she wearing?

4.1. Grammar.

4.1.1. Can as ability. Can you swim? Ted can play soccer.

4.2. Vocabulary.

4.2.1. Colors. Example: This belt is blue.

4.2.2. Clothes/wear. Example: Carlos wears work gloves.

4.2.3. More clothes. Example: I want to buy a new coat.

4.2.4. Military clothes. Example: A soldier puts on a uniform every morning.

4.2.5. More clothing. He's wearing a suit. Skirt and blouse yo work.

4.2.6. Robert didn't sleep well. You put on a green t-shirt.

5. You must salute the general.

5.1. Grammar.

5.1.1. Must SGT Richards must salute officers.

5.1.2. Must nota. We must not open that door.

5.1.3. May/can. Sir, I'm sick. May I leave early today? Can I leave early? Military ranks. He's an CAPT in the navy.

5.2. Vocabulary.

5.2.1. He is an airman. He has two soldiers on his uniform.

5.2.2. Military time. He got up at 0600.

6. How much is this shirt?

6.1. Grammar.

6.1.1. Questions with what. What movie did you see?

6.1.2. Questions with how much. How much was it? How much did your new car costa?

6.1.3. This, that, these, those+ noun. This is my pencil. These are my friends. That is my pencil. Those are my friends.

6.1.4. irregular past tense verbs. No, it began at 7:00 a.m. What did you do last night?

6.2. Vocabulary.

6.2.1. The day after tomorrow. The day after tomorrow is Thursday.

6.2.2. The música store. Cherly is a clerk in a music store downtown.

6.2.3. It's over there. where is your textbook. It's over here.

6.2.4. Review. Soldiers must report officers.


7. Nuevo tema

7.1. Nuevo tema