Children's Aid Society of London, Ontario

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Children's Aid Society of London, Ontario by Mind Map: Children's Aid Society of London, Ontario

1. Vision: Safe Children... Bright Futures.

2. Mission : To promote the well-being of children, families and communities. To protect and care for children at risk.

3. Goals: To have all children thrive within a safe, stable and loving family environment. To help children reach their full potential. And to encourage society to actively engage in taking responsibility for the well-being of children

4. Services Provided: Foster Care, protecting children and strengthening families, adoption

5. Legal Responsibilities per Child and Family Services Act:

5.1. Investigate allegations or evidence that children under the age of 16 might be in need of protection

5.2. Protect children where necessary

5.3. Provide guidance, counselling and other services to families for protecting children or preventing circumstances requiring the protection of children

5.4. Provide care for children assigned or committed to our care

5.5. Supervise children in care

5.6. Place children for adoption

6. Supporting diverse communities

6.1. CAS is a designated French service Agency and is required to provide services in both English and French

6.2. CAS respects and is culturally sensitive of the many diverse communities they work with. They work collaboratively with community partners to ensure they meet the needs of families and use translators and interpreters to assist with communication whenever necessary.

6.3. Aboriginal solidarity day – London – June 21st, 2017

7. Contact

7.1. By phone: 519-455-9000

7.2. In person: Visit the office at 1680 Oxford Street East P.O. Box 7010 London ON, N5Y 5R8

7.3. By email: [email protected]

8. Volunteer: Volunteers play an important role in CAS's services and provide a vital link between the CAS and the communities