Where Are They Now?

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Where Are They Now? by Mind Map: Where Are They Now?

1. STEP 3 - Locate and analyze primary sources and secondary sources related to a historical figure and ANALYZE their event or issue THEN score their "impact to society" with the rubric created in STEP 2.

2. STEP 1 - Research a Celebrity that you admire and defend your choice. STEP This person becomes the foundation for practicing ELA skills listed here.

2.1. STEP 2 CREATE A RUBRIC to define and measure "impact to society" THEN SCORE YOUR CELEBRITY USING THIS RUBRIC

3. Think Critically and Make reasonable statements and draw conclusions about a text, supporting them with accurate examples.

4. Real Life

4.1. Making History...not just reading history.

4.2. Connecting learning to the community by edutaining them with our recorded alumni news.

4.3. NEXT STEPS (CONNECTION TO NEXT PROJECT)- Examine and evaluate your life with the same tools used on celebrities and people from history then create a portfolio to showcase "WHERE ARE YOU NOW?" as we consider your journey toward impacting society.

4.4. STEP 4 - Apply Skills - GENERATE GOOD QUESTIONS AND Interview Calumet Graduates. PACKAGE your interview for the general public (with the understanding that the most interested viewers or listeners will be community members and the interviewee's family and friends)

5. WH Standards-Based

5.1. Part 2 - Practice skills with historical figure of your choice

5.2. Use technology in the process of conducting historical research and in the presentation of the products of historical research and current events.

6. Student-Centered

6.1. Practice skills with a variety of ACTIVITIES AND STUDENT CHOICE

6.2. Pick your own partner

6.2.1. Collaborative Support

6.2.2. Two Heads are Better Than One :)

6.3. 3-Part Process is ORGANIZED IN A RELATED MANNER (easier to manage)

6.4. Multiple Resources

6.4.1. Online Help

6.4.2. Using Pop Culture to Generate Discourse about "Impact to Society" (hopefully) increases STUDENT INTEREST Personal Todo List Vacation Planning Meeting Minutes Project Plan more...

6.4.3. Variety of Technology Helpful Websites Stixy For Organizing Notes Google Docs Internet Ancient History Sourcebook

7. Environmental Science

7.1. Chapter 19 Vocab Artifact

7.2. Reflection

8. DRIVING QUESTIONS "What is a person's responsibility to the global community?" "What does it take to positively impact society?"

8.1. http://www.mindmeister.com/91226369/where-are-they-now