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Spot User Groups by Mind Map: Spot User Groups

1. parent edition

1.1. placed to be aware of and involved my child's education

1.2. common point of reference when talking to my child's teachers

1.3. single place to visit for all my questions

1.4. Way to participate in the TGS community

2. staff edition

2.1. way for remote staff to stay connected

2.1.1. to students

2.1.2. to teachers

2.1.3. to mission & vision

2.2. high level of insight on which to base future decisions

2.3. greater sense of community and personal reward

3. community edition

3.1. greater insight into TGS world

4. student edition

4.1. Single place to gather and publish work

4.1.1. For assessment

4.1.2. For sharing

4.2. less learning management = more learning

4.3. Consistent place to learn expectations

4.3.1. what have we done?

4.3.2. what are we doing?

4.3.3. what are going to be doing?

4.4. single point of collaboration with teachers and peers

4.5. Consistent place to access class resource

5. teacher edition

5.1. tools for managing learning activity

5.1.1. Central place to monitor, review and assess student work

5.2. single point of communication (with parents, students and admin)

5.2.1. Post once, communicate to many: "It's all on Spot"

5.3. record activity for future reference and improvement

5.4. Produce and share learning materials

6. Concepts

6.1. end to end capturing of learning process

6.2. planning, doing and reflecting

6.3. working transparently

6.4. blended / connected learning

6.5. post once, use everywhere

6.6. activity streams

7. What is Spot?

7.1. social learning & collaboration system