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Katmauve by Mind Map: Katmauve

1. Environmentalist

1.1. I want to make myself an advocate for the environment and raise as much awareness as I can to people who aren't as educated about what is happening to it at present. The more educated a person is about this issue, the more we can help heal and possibly save the environment in the future from the effects of climate change. I will use my artistic knowledge to create work that reflects what my message is all about.

1.1.1. I don't want to force my audience to become hard core advocates for the environment, that is not my intention. My intention is to reach at least one individual who learns and wants to learn more about climate change and its effects on our earth, and if I can reach at least one person to open up their mind to that, then my job will be done.

1.2. Tips for Going Green!

1.2.1. Tip of the Day: Be conscious of how much plastic you are consuming and throwing away. Reuse plastic water bottles, spoons, plates, anything, and if you must dispose of them, make sure to recycle!

2. Artist

2.1. First and foremost, I am an artist. My life revolves around it, and it always has. There have been many times where I thought about a different career, but I always gravitated back to art. Without art, I would not be who I am today, because it has taught me about who I want to be, and I have been able to watch myself grow into the person I am today.

2.2. Student

2.2.1. I am a student at university, but even when I am not at school, I'm always learning. There are several artists that I look to for support, and my mentor is always there to guide and teach me something new.

3. My Social Media

3.1. Youtube Channel:

3.2. My Art Instagram:

3.2.1. Class Assignment Instagram:

3.3. Art Twitter:

4. My Works


4.2. These are some older works that have accumulated throughout the years, including studies of the human form, as well as many of my more colorful portraits that I feel give off the vibe that I feel when creating those pieces, which is bright, fun and carefree.I love to use rainbow colors, because at first, I never could decide on what color to use, so I just used all of them! I advocate for the environment always, but when I express myself artistically, these pieces are the product of it.

4.2.1. These pieces include chalk pastel, watercolor, oil and acrylic paint, digital and charcoal drawings.

5. Contact

5.1. Kayla Valdes contact information: email: [email protected]

6. Updates

6.1. My website will be updated every two weeks with new works, tips about how to go green, and any upcoming shows and galleries. Stay tuned!

7. Budget and Host Website

7.1. The budget for my site includes the pricing for a wix site, working part time in order to keep the website updated, and make sure my audience understands that I am a designer that has a personal focus on environmental issues, but can create commissioned work that will exceed their expectations.