Bridge Project

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Bridge Project by Mind Map: Bridge Project

1. Function

1.1. What loads must it withstand?

1.1.1. dynamic?

1.1.2. dead?

1.2. What is its purpose?

2. Who?

2.1. Who is my design be aimed at?

2.2. Who is the client or customer?

3. Maintenance

3.1. What sort of things might need to be repaired, replaced or maintained?

3.2. How might things wear out or get damaged?

4. Safety

4.1. What safety factors and possible hazards need to be thought about?

4.2. Risk assessment?

5. Materials

5.1. What sort of materials are available?

5.1.1. sustainable?

5.2. What qualities must they possess?

5.3. Do I need to carry out any material testing and research on its properties?

6. Where?

6.1. Where will my design be placed?

6.2. Why is it placed there?

6.2.1. To take you from one destination to another?

6.3. Enough space for a bridge?

7. Size

7.1. Width of the deck of the bridge?

7.2. Size of the railway tracks?

7.3. The span of the valley?

7.4. Any size constraints?

8. Finishes

8.1. What sort of finishes are available and what must they do?

8.1.1. Protection?

8.1.2. Improve aesthetics?

9. Sturcture

9.1. Suspension bridge?

9.2. Truss?

9.3. Cantilever?

10. Scaling up

10.1. Construction process for full version?

10.2. Manufacturing processes?