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Disability by Mind Map: Disability

1. Perception towards Disability

2. Modes of Communication

3. Assistive Technology

4. Learning

5. Act

6. What is a Sensory Disability?

6.1. What is hearing Impairment?

6.1.1. How do we hear? What are the major functions of Outer ear in hearing? Middle ear in hearing? Inner ear in hearing?

6.1.2. What are the major types of hearing loss? What are the causes of conductive hearing loss? What are the causes of sensorineural hearing loss? What is meant by Mixed hearing loss?

6.1.3. How does hearing loss affect in Children? What are challenges they are facing in language development? Are they self confident?Why? Is there any problem in their social Interaction? How is it affect emotion and behavior in Children? Adult? What are the challenges the are facing in their social interaction? Are they feel isolated?

6.1.4. What are the classifications? What is the percentage of hearing loss in Normal Hearing? Slight hearing loss? Mild Hearing loss? Moderate Hearing loss? Moderately Severe Hearing loss? Severe Hearing Loss? Profound Hearing Loss?

6.1.5. What are the major intervention approaches? What are the goals and methods used in Oral/Aural ? Manual Communication? Total Communication?

7. All about Deafness

8. TED

9. Neuro developmental Disorder