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Kidsability by Mind Map: Kidsability

1. Organization vision

1.1. Realizing the potential of children

2. Values of Kidsability

2.1. Inclusion

2.2. Respect

2.3. collaboaration

2.4. Accountability

3. Goals of Kidsability

3.1. Provide seamless service delivery for families

3.2. Lead through innovation

3.3. Make and maintain strong community connections

3.4. Employ successful capacity building in the community

3.5. Run supportive, barrier free services

3.6. Continue organizational excellence

4. Services

4.1. Camps

4.2. Help teaching to learn to drive

4.3. Preparation for post secondary

4.4. Support for children with autism and their families

4.5. Adapted aquatics and sports programs

4.6. Arts programs

4.7. Access to physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and recreation therapists

5. What do they do?

5.1. Provide services and supports for children with developmental, physical and/or communication delays or challenges

5.2. Spread awareness for the population that they serve

6. Who can refer children to receive services?

6.1. Parents/guardians

6.2. Doctors

6.3. Specialists

6.4. Current service providers

7. Kidsability school

7.1. Separate from the main service provisions

7.2. Provides half day kindergarten for students with complex special needs