RCT - Renewed Computer Technology

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RCT - Renewed Computer Technology by Mind Map: RCT - Renewed Computer Technology

1. Guidelines

1.1. Anything goes!

1.2. No criticism or flaming allowed

1.3. The Wilder The Better

1.4. Quantity is Quality

1.5. Set a Time Limit

2. Vision

2.1. To expand minds by extending technology.

3. Mission

3.1. To providing renewed information and communication technology (ICT) to learners. To offer workplace skills & training opportunities for youth and volunteers. To enabling organizations to realize their social responsibility programs.

4. Equity, inclusion and awareness of cultural diversity

4.1. RCT provided a free refurbished laptop to Syrian Families who landed in Ontario until December 31st 2016 on a first come first served basis. This was part of a larger national effort to aid new friends, neighbours, and community members in having all the resources necessary to start anew here in Canada.

4.2. Their outreach program provides low income individuals with affordable ownership of quality renewed computers, ready to use software & learning modules all in one package.

5. services/programs for Ontario students and their families

5.1. Provides access to technology for those in need.

5.2. Builds community capacity through local charities, libraries and non-profits with a learning focus.

5.3. Increases computer access in kindergarten to grade 12 across Ontario enabling learners to gain relevant, transferable computer skills.

5.4. Empowers youth to compete in our knowledge-based economy.

5.5. Hands-on computer repair skills and training to over 300 students and volunteers annually.

5.6. Enhances learning and curriculum in schools and communities.

5.7. Provides first time work experience for youth.

5.8. Fosters organizational and entrepreneurial growth and capacity..

6. How are services/programs accessed?

6.1. Individuals and schools/school boards can fill in an application on the RCT website (http://www.rcto.ca/programs-computersforschools.asp)