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1. Bantustans were where most black race/people lived and that was because they were moved from their homes to a place that were given to them in order for them not to live amongst the white race/people.

2. The home lands were designed in special ethic groups such as Transkie, Vanda, Lebowa and KwaZulu..

3. The main idea was to separate the black , Indian, coloured race from the White ¨precious¨ race.

4. The home lands started around mid twenties and ended in the late twenties around 1990.

5. For an example if a black women or a man was Zulu origin they were assisted to KwaZulu where the bantustans were designed.

6. The bantu home lands citizenship Act 1970 was passed which allowed the blacks living without South Africa legal citizens in their home lands designated for thier particular ethic group

7. Bantustans are home lands established by the apartheid government

8. The segregation to place throughout the South African history during apartheid, segregation was defined as the imposed separation of groups; the practise of keeping ethics, racial, religious and gender/group separation.

9. The apartheid government made it legal for blacks to become citizens of their independent Bantustans.

10. The homelands/ Bantustans were ceased to exist on 27 April 1994, and were re incorporated into the nine new provinces of democratic South Africa

11. In 1970s South African government declared four of the bantustans independent and they were Transkie 1976 , Bophuthatswana 1977 , Venda 1979 , Ciskie 1981....