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EDA by Mind Map: EDA

1. FAQ for EDA application

2. Consortium Team

2.1. FutureINDesign

2.1.1. Nicholina Womack

2.2. Carbon County

2.2.1. SEUALG Gerilynn

2.2.2. EDO Tami Ursenbach

2.2.3. County Commisioners Jake Mellor

2.3. Emery County

2.4. JCPenney Ohub Initial Partners

2.4.1. Accelerant Newsrelease

2.4.2. FutureINDesign

2.4.3. Carbon County

2.4.4. Emery County

2.4.5. Park City Angels BlackSmith International Studio Elevn

2.4.6. Accelerant BSP PandoLabs Manufacturing Extension

2.4.7. Partnership

2.4.8. Utah Digital Entertainment

2.4.9. Network

3. Key Benchmarks

3.1. Trent Email

3.2. Under the ACC 2017 initiative, EDA is seeking applications for projects and activities that will:

3.2.1. Create or implement economic diversification strategies targeting affected workers and businesses Tami, Geri, Debbi, LSI, edcUTAh

3.2.2. Support the creation of new businesses and jobs in a variety of industry sectors Accelerant initial partners

3.2.3. Develop a business incubator program combination of carbon county feasability study and pando labs model

3.2.4. Enhance access to and use of broadband services to support job growth Dean, UETN, Kelleig Cole

3.2.5. Facilitate access to private capital investment, and provide related capacity building and technical assistance PCAN, MEP, HFCX, Impact Investment Mentors, MEIT

3.2.6. Promote market access for goods and services created and manufactured by businesses in the impacted community/region FIND Model information RE: services and education, MEP, Blacksmith, Uammi

3.3. The term coal economy is used to refer to the complete ecosystem of coal-reliant industries and businesses. This includes, but is not limited to:

3.3.1. Coal-Fired Power Plants; and/or

3.3.2. Coal Mining; and/or

3.3.3. Related Transportation, and/or Logistics, and/or Supply Chain Manufacturing Industries.