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Sony Music by Mind Map: Sony Music

1. Artist & Repertoire (A & R)

1.1. Discovers new talent for the music label

1.2. Helping develop the artist by finding the right image, producer and writers

1.3. Maintains artist budget

1.4. Over see's competition for artist new album and musical direction of the label

1.5. Negotiating recording contracts with the music label for artist

2. Bussiness

2.1. Creates the relationship between the music label and the public

2.2. May have responsibilities for any department within the label or the entire label

2.3. Supervises staff performance, business operations and budgetary recommendations

2.4. Takes care of bookkeeping ,payroll and general expenses

2.5. Ensure the label abides by the legal and ethical regulations

3. Distribution/Manufacturing

3.1. Coming up with strategic ways of distributing merchandise with a low cost

3.2. Coordinates label's retail activities

3.3. Supervising and ensuring delivery to all stores and countries

3.4. Creating , and pressing master, stamping reproductions, finishing with art designing and packaging

3.5. Find new retailers and obtaining relationships with current ones

4. Finance

4.1. Over sees all the labels expenses

4.2. Implements advertising campaigns

4.3. Manages expenses and strategic business decisions for music label

4.4. In charge of processing all payments,voids and withdrawals

4.5. Ensures that licensing deals are tracked and artist royalties are received

5. Marketing/Publicity

5.1. Handles tour's, retail, digital marketing opportunities for the recording label promotions

5.2. In charge of analyzing and creating purchase strategies

5.3. Securing spots for interviews , fundraisers and air time on radio stations

5.4. Communicating with artist and labels of the most appreciate time to release new albums or merchandise

5.5. Helping create artist album and record graphic design covers