For The Love of the Game

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For The Love of the Game by Mind Map: For The Love of the Game

1. Context

2. Positionality

2.1. Being a player

2.2. Studying to be a coach and Wanting to pursue coaching profession.

2.3. Showing the coaching profession through their eyes. Displaying what it really means to be a high school football coach.

3. Works Cited


4.1. Talked to Head Coach

4.2. Expressed the importance of coaching as living out his dream of playing through the players

4.3. Mentioned that he looks to provide leadership and friendship to all players equally. Stressed the importance of creating a family atmosphere and that if any player needed him he would be there.

4.4. Talked about the relationship he had with the school and his coach from being a player. "Would run through a brick wall if his coach asked". Says he wants to create the same atmosphere that gains the respect of his players.

5. artifacts

5.1. Pictures: these display images of players from the high school that served as my field site.

5.2. Shows the coaches interacting with the players showing just how meaningful coaching is to them.

6. Fieldnotes

6.1. Coaches Getting Involved with the drills.

6.2. Coaches making connections with all of their players. Getting everyone involved. Creating an "all for one and one for all" atmosphere.

6.3. Shows enthusiasm and is able through his actions to get his players to respond positively and give their best effort. seems to show a true authentic passion and love for the game of football. is very passionate about his work.

6.4. Players show a since of brotherhood in the team drills, in the weight room, and even in a quick conversation by the "watering hole"

7. Thesis

7.1. This elite group of people put all of their career dependence on their abilities to coach their teams at the highest level performance. Modern coaches have their game plans measured, tested, and analyzed to a science.

7.2. Some are bound to become the leaders who carry our youth unto their successes on the playing field.

8. Primary Sources