Skeletal System Inquiry

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Skeletal System Inquiry by Mind Map: Skeletal System Inquiry

1. Engage

1.1. Learning Outcomes

1.1.1. 4 Functions

1.1.2. Parts

1.1.3. Interactions

1.2. Previous Knowledge

2. Explore

2.1. Hands-on

2.1.1. Chicken Bones

2.2. Virtual

2.2.1. Virtual Tour Guided Tour of skeletal system Build a skeleton (game) Zoom In (ability to look at scans)

2.2.2. Reading Different tour with reading

3. Explanation

3.1. Functions


3.2. Parts


3.3. Formative Assessment

3.3.1. Acrostic S earching and C ollecting data I n many varied ways E xplore N ature's C hemistry and E mpirically test the physical world around us. by Carolyn Brunelle

4. Elaboration

4.1. Skeletal System of other animals

4.1.1. Owl Pellet Dissection Virtual Real Dissection

4.2. Discrepant Event

4.2.1. Vinegar Chicken Bones What happened? Why?

5. Evaluation

5.1. Projects

5.1.1. Create a Poster (

5.1.2. Create a Brochure (Microsoft Publisher)

5.1.3. Create a Web Siter (Google Sites)

5.2. Formal Assessment

5.2.1. Quiz