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History by Mind Map: History
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Chapter 8 - The Rise of Europe

The Early Middle Ages

Feudalism and the Manor Economy

The Medieval Church

Economic Expansion and Change

Chapter 9 - The High Middle Ages

Growth of Royal Power in England and France

The Holy Roman Empire and the Church

Europeans Look Outward

Learning, Literature, and the Arts

A Time of Crisis

Chapter 10 - The Byzantine Empire and Russia

The Byzantine Empire

The Rise of Russia

Shaping Eastern Europe

Chapter 11 - The Muslim World

Rise of Islam

Islam Spreads

Golden Age of Muslim Civilization

Muslims in India

The Ottoman and Safavid Empires

Chapter 12 - Kingdoms and Trading States of Africa

Early Civilizations of Africa

Kingdoms of West Africa

Trade Routes of East Africa

Many Peoples, Many Traditions

Chapter 14 - The Renaissance and Reformation

The Renaissance in Italy

The Renaissance Moves North

The Protestant Reformation

Reformation Ideas Spread

The Scientific Revolution