netz - CI disciplines/topics

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netz - CI disciplines/topics by Mind Map: netz - CI disciplines/topics

1. development

1.1. Mission: Developing digital applications and infrastructures in close collaboration with our clients.

1.2. Results: sustainable and pragmatic applications and infrastructures developed based on standard processes and documentations

1.3. topics

1.3.1. infrastructure planning review setup

1.3.2. web applications corporate websites news websites online shops APIs migrations

1.3.3. Support

1.4. products

1.4.1. pattern libraries

1.4.2. CMS website corporate / company website newsportal

1.4.3. online shop

1.4.4. progressive web app

1.4.5. custom web application

1.4.6. chatbot

2. marketing & content

2.1. Mission: Planning a conscious market communication through specific channels and targeted content.

2.2. Results: Ready-to-execute marketing plan based on a customer journey across all relevant digital media channels.

2.3. topics

2.3.1. media planning

2.3.2. content planning

2.3.3. SEO

2.3.4. social media marketing

2.3.5. email marketing

2.3.6. performance marketing Google Ads Facebook Ads Xing Ads LinkedIn Ads

3. strategic planning

3.1. Mission: Defining an executable digital game plan based on quantified opportunities and potentials.

3.1.1. Market Development

3.1.2. Product Development

3.1.3. Organisational Development

3.2. topics

3.2.1. Result: Clearly stated digital goals, a solid assessment of opportunities and risks in the digital world, an evaluation and prioritisation of the potential actions and KPIs to follow - all condensed in a business plan and project roadmap.

3.2.2. audit planning

3.2.3. goal setting assessment of digital potentials & risks definition of general goals & guidelines

3.2.4. market definition market definition & target groups persona definition

3.2.5. business planning definition of business/service model/s

3.2.6. product planning definition of products content strategy customer lifecycle customer touchpoints conversion goals per touchpoint product KPIs & target values brand assessment & definition

3.2.7. organisational planning define organizational requirements define skills & roles define structures, processes & collaboration define necessary resources

3.2.8. project planning & sparring definition of necessary Disciplines & Topics definition of Projects, Tasks & Budgets project KPIs, target values, reportings

3.3. products

3.3.1. market portfolio/product check

3.3.2. infrastructure check

3.3.3. organisational check

4. project management

4.1. Mission: Ensuring an adequate and timely implementation of the defined strategy.

4.2. topics

4.2.1. operational project planning definition of resources & skills definition of coaching & qualification needs definition of implementation roadmap & milestones definition & documentation of meetings project reporting for defined stakeholders

4.2.2. project flow management organisation communication and collaboration integration of external partners task management (definition, priorisation, assignment) selection and integration of third party tools implementation management (planning workshops, hackathons, sprints) quality assurance billing controlling & reporting documentation

4.2.3. product/project handoff tools handover (Google Apps, Slack, Asana, etc.) systems handover (Applications, Platforms, Campaigns, etc.) conclusions & handover documentation ongoing sparring

5. design & experience

5.1. Mission: Transforming user goals and client needs into intuitive digital products and delightful experiences.

5.2. Results: Thorough and profound visualized concept of the desired web application ready for implementation.

5.3. topics

5.3.1. concept ux audit ideation product specification product evolution roadmap (Version planning) brand execution

5.3.2. user experience key experience definition user persona development use case development user journey development user testing

5.3.3. information architecture content definition content structure content labeling conversion planning onsite-search user navigation & guidance

5.3.4. user interface design interaction design detailed feature definition & specification wireframes responsive adaptions prototype creation iterative evolution of the products UI visual design design research & collection style direction definition creation & iterative refinement of the visual design

5.4. Result: The practical implementation of the defined strategy in terms of systems, qualifications, processes and structures with a long term perspective.

5.5. products

5.5.1. UX Review (UI focus only)

5.5.2. Usability Testing

5.5.3. A/B Testing (Variations & testing)

5.5.4. Product/Service evaluation

5.5.5. conversion optimisation

5.5.6. methodology methods design thinking ideation / brainstorming tree testing user centered design contextual persona interviews usability reviews workshops concepts UX Introduction & Exchange (Kickoff) findings presentation & early idea development product selection workshop product concept presentation workshops IA internal content & structure workshop external content & structure workshop card sorting workshop sitemap & user journeys presentation workshops UX experience definition workshop persona & use case workshop user journey workshop workshops UID product concept presentation (low fidelity) client feedback to prototypes (Via Invision) moodboard presentation / design direction workshop visual brainstorming workshop visual design presentation

6. data & tracking

6.1. Result: Structured data of the marketplace and the current usage of existing digital products.

6.2. Mission: Procuring quantified market and user data throughout all digital sources to fuel the strategy development and support the decision making process.

6.3. topics

6.3.1. market research

6.3.2. (digital) tracking tracking check & optimisation setup and introduction of project tools integration tag management development custom dimensions

6.3.3. (digital) analytics user profiling Produkt: Media Personas (touchpoint) performance analytics websites webshops social profiles

6.3.4. (digital) reporting Dashboards Personalized Reportings

6.3.5. user testing

7. qualification

7.1. Mission: Building skills and confidence with people to manage the digital shift and keep them engaged in learning and exchange.

7.2. Results: Empowered and motivated people with the skills and knowledge to drive the change process in the organisation.

7.3. topics

7.3.1. impulses speaking engagements blog articles expert articles open seminars inhouse workshops

7.3.2. qualifications e-learning seminars learning communities

7.3.3. trainings coaching trainings on the job train the trainer

7.4. products

7.4.1. role based qualifications

7.4.2. individual qualifications

7.4.3. single modules