Question 6: What Have You Learnt About Technologies From The Process Of Constructing This Product?

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Question 6: What Have You Learnt About Technologies From The Process Of Constructing This Product? by Mind Map: Question 6: What Have You Learnt About Technologies From The Process Of Constructing This Product?

1. Memory Stick - they have helped me to carry my work around from college to home. This allows me to do work in my own time. For instance; i can work on my blog and finish my final product outside of lesson. This also allows me to keep a spare copy of everything in case something went wrong.

2. Glogster - This allowed me to create new and funky posters to explain my work in depth. It gave me another oppotunity to experiment with new things - which i think have worked very well. They look very professional and attract the readers attention.

3. Go-Animate - This was a programme i wasnt familiar with; however I decided to give it a go to add new and fresh technologies into my overall project.

4. Video's - We used lots of these to record any audience research and also to show what audience may feature within who read my magazine. Nevertheless, i thought videos were a really good way of explaining what people thought.

5. SketchFu - This again was just another programme which brought bright colours and a professional look to my blog.

6. - This has helped me create detailed and professional presentations throughout my project. It has allowed me to record all of my research & planning.

7. - This allowed me to create a cartoon strip on what I wanted to talk about. In this case I showed how my final product would be distributed. This allowed me to introduce another new technologie into my blog and project.

8. Blogger: This was a big part throughout my project. This is because i recorded and documented all my data on this, everything i did throughout my project was on this blog. It was basically like my diary of work throughout creating my final R'n'B magazine. Also this helped keep myself on track and made me understand what I needed to do still yet it reminded me of what i had already done.

9. PowerPoint - This was helpful when i was recording information in order to put on my blog - it is a very professional, organised and tidy way of displaying data.

10. Camera's - This allowed me to shoot my models throughout my magazine. Each photoshoot was something new and fun. I had a right laugh creating what I have.

11. Audio Recordings - Again this helped me with my audience feedback; from this I could develop my work further and improve it to the best of my ability.

12. Final Cut Express - This allowed me to add pictures, text and recording of my work in order to make a final overall video. I could edit bits of the video, i didn't want and make it very interesting and of a high standard. This helped me with my feedback of magazines.

13. Bubbl - Mind Mapping, Flow Chart: Bubbl helped me record lots of information on what i thought about my products and any previous improvements. This added a new funky fresh programme onto my blog - attracting the readers attention.