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History Final by Mind Map: History Final

1. Revolutions

1.1. American

1.1.1. Freedom From the British

1.1.2. First and only battle fought on American turf

1.1.3. No Taxation Without Representation

1.2. French

1.2.1. Hunger and Malnutrition in much of the country, rising bread prices, huge debt from war

2. Religion

2.1. 5 Major Religions

2.1.1. Islam Believe in "Allah" Pray at Mosques Holy book is the Qur'an Holy Land is the Middle East

2.1.2. Hinduism Believe in many gods Believe in "Karma" Believe in "Rebirth" Practice "Puja"(worship)

2.1.3. Buddhism Believe in "Karma" Believe in "Rebirth" Believe in the "8 Fold Path"

2.1.4. Judaism Believe in "God" Holy Book is the Hebrew Bible Holy Land is Middle East

2.1.5. Chrisianity Believe in "God" Savior Jesus Christ Holy Book is the Bible Holy Land is the Middle East Believe in Heaven/Hell

3. World War I

3.1. Started with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

3.2. Over 100 countries involved including the U.S.A., Germany, Russia, Italy, China and Austria-Hungary

3.3. Caused by militarism, alliances, imperialism, and nationalism

3.3.1. Militarism is the

3.3.2. Imperialism is

3.3.3. Nationalism is

3.3.4. There were many alliances between countries

4. Monarchy

4.1. Divine Rule

4.1.1. It is God's will that the ruler be ruling James I of England Louis XIV of France

4.2. Absolutism

4.2.1. Absolute rule over everyone and everything Louis XIV and Louis XIII of France Ivan III, Ivan IV, Peter the Great, and Catherine the Great of Russia Henry VIII and Elizabeth I of England

5. Protestant Reformation

5.1. Led by...

5.1.1. Matin Luther Created Protestantism Nailed 95 theses to the doors of the church in Wittenberg

5.1.2. John Calvin Created Calvinism

5.2. Reasons

5.2.1. Indulgences to "free family of sins"

6. World War II

6.1. Started when Germany invaded Poland

6.1.1. Germany started what is known as the Holocaust, killing over 6 million Jews, with 11-17 million killed in total

6.2. Over 100 countries involved including the U.S.A, Italy, Germany, Russia, Japan, and most of Africa

6.2.1. The Allies U.S.A. Led by Franklin D. Roosevelt Russia Led byJosef Stalin United Kingdom Led by Winston Churchill

6.2.2. The Axis Germany Led by Adolf Hitler Italy Led by Benito Mussolini Japan Led by Emperor Hirohito