Work Related Learning

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Work Related Learning by Mind Map: Work Related Learning

1. Paid work

1.1. Part time job

1.2. Vacation work

2. Simulations

2.1. Commercial activities on course, e.g. setting up a business

2.2. Employer mentors running simulations of work experience within modules

3. Volunteering

3.1. Overseas structured activity e.g. with Princes Trust, Raleigh International

3.2. Local community based volunteering, several hours per week e.g. supporting a local playgroup

3.3. Block placement working on an activity on behalf of a charity or within a charity, e.g. developing a website

4. Work experience

4.1. Unpaid work experience

4.2. Paid structured internship

4.3. Sandwich placement

5. Entrepreneurial activity

5.1. Self employment

5.2. Social enterprises

5.3. Setting up a cooperative