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UCIAD by Mind Map: UCIAD

1. Algorithms

1.1. Pluggable architecture to handle different log formats into a ? scheme / ontology

1.2. Can ontology alone ? recognise ? (unlikely) and what more is needed?

1.3. How to compile traces of activities that the same but are captured from different systems

2. Data Capture

2.1. Experience in making activity types / patterns and identification patterns emerge from heterogenous logs

2.2. Accurately recognising users across logs - is IP plus user agent sufficient?

3. Scalability

3.1. Experience in loading huge amounts of activity data onto a triple store and reasoning with it

3.2. Scalability of storing, analysis and implementing large amounts of traces of activity (in our case, as RDF)

4. Data Release / Open Data

4.1. Ontologies ? and for recognising ? ? ?