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Globalisation by Mind Map: Globalisation

1. Internet

2. definition

2.1. the process by which regional economies, societies, and cultures have become integrated through a global network of political ideas through communication, transportation, and trade

3. Source


4. History

4.1. Ancient Civilizations

4.1.1. Conquerors

4.2. Maritime kingdoms

4.3. Colonialization

4.3.1. Industrial Revolution

5. Criticism

5.1. Poorer countries suffering disadvantages

5.1.1. Rich countries' government subsidies impact poor farmers

5.2. Exploitation of foreign impoverished workers

5.3. Shift to outsourcing

5.4. Weak labour unions

5.5. Increase in exploitation of child labour

6. Impacts

6.1. Industrial

6.1.1. Food industry Positive impact Cheaper food trade to aid food shortages Introduce new technologies to produce quality foods. Negative impact 'left over' poor quality food for third world countries Introduction of a variety of food, including unhealthy versions causing health problems.

6.2. Financial

6.2.1. trade in national currencies

6.2.2. instability

6.2.3. enhance capital flow to counter financial crisis

6.3. Economic

6.3.1. trade in goods & services

6.3.2. movement of capital

6.3.3. financial flows

6.3.4. movement of people

6.3.5. improvement in standard of living

6.4. Job market

6.4.1. migration of workforce

6.5. Political

6.5.1. a world government

6.5.2. Intl Relations PPT