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Music Producer by Mind Map: Music Producer

1. Targeted Audience

1.1. Who Are They?

1.1.1. MONSTERCAT (label) Owner/Ceo The center staff of the label Team Members The people who'll decide if i have what they're looking for to sign me to their label.

1.1.2. What we have in common... We both want to inspire listeners of the label and other artist within the label with constantly changing styles of music. Interest in the same industry.

1.2. What they need that i can provide...

1.2.1. Fresh, new artistry that will draw in more listeners.

1.3. What their corporate culture is like...

1.3.1. Relaxed; T-shirt and jeans

2. The BIG Idea

2.1. Why i'm doing this presentation, and What result(s) i hope to achieve...

2.1.1. To convince the staff of Monstercat that i'm worth being hired.

2.1.2. To showcase my talent, skill, and determination to work for the label.

3. Presentation Flow

3.1. Beginning

3.1.1. Who i am... (Future reference) A 23 year old independent music producer who wants to join the first EDM label that i discovered.

3.1.2. Who & what initially inspired me to pursue this career path... The popular electronic music producers Skrillex and Zedd. My discovery of electronic music during the summer of 2012. The creative freedom, competition and unlimited possibilities that are within the music industry.

3.1.3. Why i'm so interested in this path... Music is one of the best ways in which I can thoroughly express myself.

3.1.4. What i set out to do in this creative field... Reshape it by introducing new and eccentric artistry that the people (listeners, other producers) need. Inspire the world with uniqueness .

3.2. Middle

3.2.1. What i'm bringing to the table... The skills, interests & other things that i possess that makes me ''stand out...'' A brief history of producing a variety of styles of music. My extensive knowledge of musical history. A Bachelors degree in Music Production i earned at Full Sail University. Important courses i took while attending the school...

3.2.2. What i'm currently doing in the industry, and how i plan to stay active... Produce music within a digital audio workstation that i've been using for the past (x) years. Interact and give advice to other aspiring music producers. I plan to stay active by continuing to evolve and inspire people who listen to my music.

3.3. End

3.3.1. What the audience will remember from my presentation... The interesting facts about myself and about music that the audience may not have know.