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Allie's Mind Map Vocab Project by Mind Map: Allie's Mind Map Vocab Project
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Allie's Mind Map Vocab Project

Levels of Organization

1. organism 2. population 3. community 3. ecosystem 4. biome 5.biosphere


Any form of life. Ex: snake, turtle, fish


A group of individuals of the same species.


Populations of living organisms that interact with one another.


A group of living organisms that interact with one another and the nonliving environment.


A region of Earth that is inhabitated by a community of a distinct type of plant and animal species.


Layer of soil, water, and air that sustains life. Ex: Earth

Food Webs

Food Chain

The sequence in which energy is transferred from 1 organism to the next as one eats the other. Always starts with the sun.

Food Web

Shows an ecosystem. A bunch of food chains put together to show that organisms eat alot more then just one thing.

Trophic Levels

Trophic=energy. Each step in the transfer of energy through an eco system is known as a trophic level. 90% energy is lost between each level. 10% energy is transferred.


Biodiversity is the variety of species living in an ecosystem.

Hot Spots

Abiotic Factors

The nonliving things in an ecosystem.




Ecological Succession

The process in which communities of an ecosystem change over time.

Primary Succession

Occurs in places where an ecosystem never exsisted. Can be caused by events like floods.

Secondary Succession

The process that begins in an ecosystem when something has been disturbed the natural community. Can be casued by events like forest fires or tornadoes.

Climax Community

At the end of primary or secondary sucession the community has equilibrium with little to no changes. This is called a climax community.

Pioneer Species

The species that move into an ecosystem at the beginning of primary or secondary succesion. Ex.: Lichens

Limiting Factors

Conditions of the environment that limit the growth of species. Ex.: Competeion, food, water

Carrying Capacity

The number of individuals of a species that an ecosystem can support. Carring capacity is effected by limiting factors.

Biotic Factors

The living things in an ecosystem.



Population Growth

Started on the coasts in the 1800s when the industrial revolution started. People then moved central.

Black Plague

The largest disease ever recorded that is the reson why the human population decreased in 1400s.

Industrial Revolution

The event that brought dramatic increase in poplutaion that occured in the 1800s.

Exponential Growth

The more people we have the faster the population is able to grow.


Logistic Growth

Holds a carry capacity for the number of people in one area.

Population Growth Rate

The rate at which population grew. (was a j-curve) Highest: Africa Lowest: Russia  

Water Pollution


Any geological formation containing water.

Point Source

Pollution that comes from a single source. Ex.: Factory

Non Point Source

Pollution that comes from multiple sources. Ex.: Cars, fertilizers, and pet waste