Salesforce @ Interra

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Salesforce @ Interra by Mind Map: Salesforce @ Interra

1. SalesForce Fields

1.1. Lead

1.2. Account

1.2.1. Industry

1.2.2. Type Analyst Beneficiary Biz Aggregators: Activist Biz Aggregators: Affinity Biz Aggregators: Business Service Biz Aggregators: Wholesalers Business Associations Church and Faith Based Competitor Consumer: Affinity (NGO) Consumer: Biz Organization Consumer: Financial Institutions Consumer: Regional Resources Consumer: Support Consumer: Guilds Customer Education/Universities Endorsers/Ads/Publicist Event Promoters Founders Circle Gov Industry Sector Integrator Investor Mainstreets Media Member Merchant: Active Merchant: Inactive Merchant: Online Other Partner Philanthropy Press Program Provider Prospect Reseller Thought Leader

1.2.3. Program of Origin

1.2.4. Logo

1.2.5. ContactName can this be moved to merchant information? is this redundant with contact?

1.2.6. BusinessCategories can this be moved to merchant information?

1.2.7. BusinessDistrict can this be moved to merchant information?

1.2.8. BusinessEmail is this redundant with contact? can this be moved to merchant information?

1.3. Contact

1.3.1. Interra Role Agent: Staff Agent: Volunteer: Global Agent: Volunteer: Local Community Alliance Partner Supporter Prinicipal Advisor Advisory Council Member Connector Funder Strategic Partner Service Provider Member: Business Member: Cardholder Member: Beneficiary Member: Finance Partner Prospective Program Partner

1.3.2. Lead Source Global Philanthropy Forum 2007 Greg's Interra List Advertisement Employee Referral External Referral Partner Public Relations Seminar - Internal Seminar - Partner Trade Show Web Word of Mouth Other Sustainability Confluence ID Mashup Ecotopia SMT NW Mainstreets MS Event Attendee WISER Portland NY House Party Palo Alto House Party San Fran House Party

1.3.3. Status

1.4. Opportunity

1.5. Campaigns

2. Salesforce Tasks to Be Completed

2.1. clean up duplicates when appropriate

2.2. add new leads - accounts and contacts

2.3. hunt down returned emails

2.4. modify contact and specify Interra role

3. Purpose of this map

3.1. Interra is committed to using salesforce

3.2. It is our prospective member and member database

3.3. It is used to manage our relationships with the network we are building

3.4. This map is intended to help Interra agents

3.4.1. Input on issues related to our use of salesforce

3.4.2. Ask questions about salesforce and how we are using it

3.4.3. Find references to resources to help you learn to use salesforce

4. Salesforce Questions to be Discussed

4.1. Lead

4.1.1. what is the new lead process

4.2. Accounts

4.2.1. how we use the type field for accounts

4.3. Contacts

4.3.1. how we use the Interra Role field for contacts

4.4. Opportunities

4.4.1. what are the opportunities that we are offer