Facebook Applications

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Facebook Applications by Mind Map: Facebook Applications

1. Applications Today And Tomorrow

2. Where You Can Find Custom App Developers




3. Application Promotion

3.1. Utilizing Current Resources

3.1.1. Current fans

3.1.2. Website Traffic

3.1.3. Mailing list

3.2. Posting on Pages

3.2.1. Searching for related popular pages in facebook search then post application on those walls

3.3. Sharing with Friends

3.3.1. Posting on Your Profile Page

3.3.2. Using Facebook Software to promote and Share

3.3.3. Buying Shares Over Facebook

3.4. PPC Campaign

4. Types of Facebook Applications

5. Application Permissions

5.1. User Step # 1 - App

6. Marketing Applications VS Custom Applications

6.1. Custom Applications

6.2. Marketing Applications