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Alvin Lee by Mind Map: Alvin Lee

1. Skills

1.1. Computer

1.1.1. AutoCad

1.1.2. Pro-E

1.1.3. Matlab

1.1.4. C

1.1.5. Currently learning Python

2. Background

2.1. Education

2.1.1. BS: Mechanical Engineering in Pusan national University, South Korea

2.1.2. Pursuing my Master's in Mechanical Engineering In University of Michigan

3. Experiences

3.1. Academic

3.1.1. Projects Project: 3D-Printed Membraneless Acoustic Sensor using Electrorheological Fluid Project: Navigation system for the Blind based on stereo vision and 3D sound

3.1.2. Worked as a Teaching Assistant at Pusan National University

3.2. Others

3.2.1. Served ia military service in Navy

3.2.2. Guitarist and Director of the Band, directed two main concerts at club 'Interplay'

3.2.3. Exchange student for one year in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

3.2.4. Member of Biathlon Team "NTU Aquathlon"

4. Hobbies

4.1. Sports

4.1.1. Tennis

4.1.2. Swimming

4.1.3. Squash

4.1.4. Soccer

4.2. Others

4.2.1. Acoustic & Electric Guitar

4.2.2. PC games Overwatch

4.2.3. Movies a Big fan of Marvel Universe

5. Area of Interests

5.1. Bio-Mems

5.2. Biomechanics

6. Goals at University of Michigan

6.1. Finding and studying specific research topic that interests me

6.2. Being prepared as a future researcher