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Hamlet Mind Map by Mind Map: Hamlet Mind Map

1. Theme

1.1. Revenge

1.1.1. Revenge is the main theme in the movie. Hamlet is outrages by his father's death and acts on all his impulses. He does not focus on the betrayal of his friends, his mother, nor his uncle. I believe the movie focuses on revenge because it emphasizes the heroic and bravery of Hamlet. An example is when Hamlet watches Claudius as the play ( Hamlet calls the mousetrap) unfolds the truth of how King Hamlet died. Claudius goes stone cold and leaves before the play is finished saying he needs some air. This leading Hamlet one step closer to killing the murderer.

1.2. Betrayal

1.2.1. Betrayal is the major theme of the play. The way the text is read it emphasizes the betrayal between the characters. Examples of this being the conversation between Hamlet and his mother after they watch the play that Hamlet put together. Hamlet emphasizes the betrayal he feels when his mother is with Claudius. The hurt is shown when he calls him a mildewed ear. the second example is when Hamlet makes his mother realize the depth of the hurt he caused her son and the realization that she was apart of King Hamlet's death.

2. Character

2.1. Hamlet

2.1.1. In the movie, Hamlet is eccentric. He is over exaggerated and clear in his emotions. In this movie, Hamlet is made to be crazy and driven by his avenges. He breaths and eats his fathers death. Ungulphed in the prospect of killing the killer. in the play is is harder to interpret Hamlet's feelings. The only thing that hints Hamlet's emotions is his strong use of words. In short, Hamlet is interpreted in more of a childish person in this form of test, he makes decisions impulsively.

2.2. Gurtrude

2.2.1. In the movie Gertrude is shown to be more involved in the death of king Hamlet. In the burial scene, she looks up at Claudius with a look of regret as well as knowledge on something that was not shared. This knowledge was her knowing he killed King Hamlet and she was his accomplice. In the play Gertrude is made out to be more oblivious to the details of King Hamlet. she is pictured as a less intelligent woman.

2.3. Claudius

2.3.1. I believe Claudius was the only character pictured accurately and similarity in both the play and the movie. Claudius devious plans come across the same in both forms of the work. This is demonstrated when he sends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to kill Hamlet in London. This is seen as misleading and shows Claudius's negative characteristics.

3. Setting

3.1. Time Period

3.1.1. The time periods are relevant in both the movie and the play. The speech was accurate for the time and the settings were relevant as well. Described further in detail under the Place tab.

3.2. Costume

3.2.1. Gertrude Gertrude was decorated in the finest outfits, shown in the movie. In the scene of the play alongside the scene in Gertrude's bedroom. she is shown to be dressed in ballgowns as well as high hair with many twists and braids.

3.2.2. Ophilia the costume of Ophelia represented her emotions. Before Ophelia was said to have gone mad, she was dressed in clean clothing as well as well kept hair. after she was said to have gone mad, she dressed in an unkempt dress and her hair was not made it flew around her head looking like a bird in a nest.

3.3. Place

3.3.1. Buildings and Lighting The buildings of the movie were accurate to the times it was written in. The castles were made of stone and cement, with woodwork to add design. The lighting was all natural man made light. The candles lit the rooms and made scenes in the movie feel warm and of the olden days.