Running a Marathon

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Running a Marathon by Mind Map: Running a Marathon

1. 2. I emailed Ms. Clark asking if she'd be willing to answer some of my questions about the marathon itself, and what approach first time runners should take.

1.1. ii. Ms. Clark emailed me back two days later telling me she would love to help.

1.2. We exchanged multiple emails throughout the next week and she encouraged me to begin my own running plan. She assured me anyone and everyone is capable of running marathons.

2. 4. I began doing research of my own to see if it was something I would want to do.

2.1. a. I googled "marathon running for beginners"

2.2. b. I bookmarked all the useful sights I found so I could refer back to them throught my learning process

2.3. c. iii. I began subscribing to sites and blogs to add to my igoogle so I could stay updated every time I logged on!

3. 5. I learned my first step in getting motivated to run one, would be to sign up so I can't back out!

3.1. I looked up all the marathons going on in the next year, there are so many to choose from!

3.2. I chose the Battleship Half Marathon 7 months from now. This is an easy way to ease into a marathon, and gives me plenty of time to figure out the perfect running schedule for ME.

4. 1. Two friends of mine completed the Quintiles Marathon on March 20, 2011. It made me interested to know how they trained and completed it.

4.1. i. I had several face to face conversations with them asking how early they started training, what techniques they used, and where I should start if I want to complete one.

4.2. They recommended me to Ashley Clark, a marketing associate for Crichton and Partners. Not only does Ms. Clark plan the entire marathon through Crichton and Partners, she also has completed it herself many times.

5. 3. I asked classmates and close friends who have also never ran one what they thought.

5.1. Brian Harrison-I think that would be great for you, I'll train with you if you want.

5.2. Nancy Reilly- I think it would be cool to do, but it definitely seems hard!

5.3. Mom- I think you would really enjoy that Taylor, but make sure you have enough time in your busy schedule to commit to it.