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Management by Mind Map: Management
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Henri Fayol, P = Plan O = Organise C = Command C = Co - ordinate C = Control, Planning, Set direction in the form of mission and goals, New business/products/markets, Manage resources, budget, human resources, Keeping up with competition, cost advantage, Organisation, Structure, Allocate duties and responsibilities, Policies and procedures, Formal rules and regulation, Right people @ Right Place, Command, Leadership Role, exercise of Authority, Information / Instruction, Motivational Role, Coordinate, Liaison with other depts, Achieve economies of scale - avoid the duplication of activities, Communication Skills vital, Attend committee meetings, Control, Ensure that things are done properly, Achieve targets, Plans are achieved, budget is not exceeded, use control techniques, Gantt / wall chart, Total Quality Management (TQM), Internal Audit, accredited to have formulated a formal definition of Management

Massie, Job of a manager, is to direct the efforts and activities of other people towards common objectives

Mary Parker Follett, "Art of getting things done through people."

Nageb (yours truely), Resources in the organisation will lie idle unless the manager uses management functions of....P D M C ... to produce goods & services, Planning, Directing, Motivating, Controlling

Drucker, "Manager is a life-giving element."

What is a manager?

Peterson's classification depending on the Nationalities


all administrative & managerial personnel in private & public sector that have evolved from the civil servant class


above the first line level and are involved in the control of the organisation


all those not involved in policy making are Managers, eg. - VPs - President - Chairman

Levels of Management

Top Management

Strategic objectives > 1 year

Set direction in the form of mission & goals

Ethics & social responsibility

Right culture

Financially Solvent

Appoint & Monitor middle management

Middle Management

Tactical objectives, Strategies, Objectives < 1 year

Department Structures, Allocate duties & responsiblities

Department budget

Integrate with other functions

Appoints and monitor lower management

Lower Management (1st line mgt) / Supervisor

Daily Operations

Instruction and info

coach workers towards target

Keep morale high, increased productivity, increased efficiency

Patterns of Managerial work, requires competencies: skill & knowledge, recruitment selection training & development

NB -> Rosemary Stewart "Reality of Organisation"

The reality is that managers of different levels tend to perform different patterns of managerial work & hence they need different skill sets

Women in Management

Gender conformity


Effectiveness of a Manager

Manager effectiveness depends on the acquired competencies, Boyatsis, Goal and action maintenance, Direct subordinates, Managing people, HRM / Leadership, Focus on others, Burgoyne (inst. of manpwr studies), Managing people, Manage resources, Personally effective, Burgoyne & Boydell, Meta-Qualities, Creativitiy, Mental agility, Self confidence, Knowledge, Centre of Creative Leadership (Greensboro N.Carolina), Interpersonal Skills

Work of a Manager

Size of Organisation, Small - Perform all functions of POCCC, Large - Specialises in certain managerial functions

Culture, Asian, Centralised Decision making, Withhold Authority, Western, Decentralised Decision making, Delegate Authority / Empowerment

Levels of Management, Stewarts, Robert L.Kat

Functions in the organisation, Marketing, HR

Individual's Personality / Behavior, values, percepetion, personality, attitude, emotions, EQ, change in personality at different levels of management, formal & informal training

Stewart's explanation on the work of a manager, Reality of Manager's Job, Job Fragmented, Little time for thought, Informal communication, depends on incomplete information, Networking - Building alliance, focus on superiors rather than subordinates